By Alec Bojalad

HBO’s fantasy series The Nevers features a sprawling cast of superpowered women.

The Nevers is the latest sci-fi/fantasy series developed by Joss Whedon. Though Whedon has since left the project, the sprawling steampunk Victorian-era London world he created remains.

The cast of the show is expansive. Here are some characters you might want to meet before the show’s premiere on April 11.

Amalia True is played by Laura Donnelly (Outlander). A roguish Victorian lady with a mysterious past, she has precognitive abilities and is the de facto leader of The Nevers.

Penance Adair is played by Ann Skelly (Little Women). She’s a quirky Irish lass who can see the potential energy in all matter, allowing her to create some interesting inventions.

The series antagonist Maladie is played by Amy Manson (Once Upon a Time). She is a fearsome, deranged serial killer that London society has come to fear.

Mary Brighton is played by Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark). She’s a singer who may soon have a Touched surprise of her own.

Rochelle Neil plays Annie Carbey a.k.a Bonfire. Her Touched ability to control fire is undoubtedly among the most useful.

Whedon-verse vet Olivia Williams (Dollhouse) plays Lavinia Bidlow, a rich spinster who supports the Touched.

Dr. Horatio Cousens, played by Zackary Momoh (Doctor Sleep) is Amalia’s close ally and one of the few Touched men.

Detective Frank Mundi, as portrayed by Ben Chaplin, is the world-weary investigator charged with keeping an eye on the Touched.

Pip Torrens (Preacher) is Lord Massen, a British Empire military man who is none too pleased about all of these unregulated powerful women popping up.

Hugo Swan (James Norton) is a rich pansexual playboy who sees opportunity in the Touched. His friend and Lavinia’s brother, Augie Bidlow (Tom Riley) is a bit more sensitive to their plight.

Nick Frost pops up as underworld figure The Beggar King. He is sometimes aligned with Amalia’s causes.

Rounding out the cast is the great character actor Dennis O’Hare, who plays brutal American surgeon Dr. Edmund Hague.

It’s a big cast. But The Nevers, premiering Sunday the 11th at 9 p.m. ET on HBO, is a big story.