1962 vs 2021

By Nick Morgulis

Just how different is the new Godzilla vs. Kong compared to the 1962 version?

The new film delivers on crazy fight scenes and makes good on a rivalry that has long had its foot in pop culture...

...while the original King Kong vs. Godzilla is not a movie that’s aged well.

There’s something so comforting about seeing a giant ape trade punches with a giant lizard then and now.

So now that we saw a second iteration of this titanic showdown, let’s see how the two incarnations compare.

Just like in the original, Kong’s deal in the 1962 movie is that he’s just chilling on his own island until intruders drag him off for their own entertainment.

In both versions, an American submarine gets stuck in an iceberg and when it gets loose, it accidentally unleashes a pissed off Godzilla.

The main thing both first fights have in common between the two movies is that Kong gets absolutely wrecked (at least in the beginning).

In the original, Kong tries to make up for his lack of fire breath by just throwing rocks over and over again.

The original movie takes on a more comedic tone as compared to the modern one—which worked for the ‘60s.

Additionally, the modern movie places a greater emphasis on the character development of its human stars. But both versions still critique the hubris of humans.

Having these two behemoths duke it out is such a rich concept that is deserving of endless re-imaginings. Which version is your favorite?