How Legendary Should Continue the MonsterVerse

By David Crow

Godzilla vs. Kong is a monster hit, even for a pandemic. But what needs to come next?

The beastly movie had a smash opening weekend that seemed to resurrect movie theaters, even in spite of a pandemic and an HBO Max streaming option.

Current success aside, the future of the MonsterVerse is currently uncertain, but continue, it must!

And we know how it should play out…

First, Mothra needs her own movie.

The celestial bug is a fan favorite and a way into the more mystical side of kaiju.

Plus Zhang Ziyi needs to return, revealing her twin sisters are fairy guardians of Mothra.

Next Godzilla should fight Biollante, an evil monstrous plant kaiju!

“She’s a combination of DNA from a scientist’s dead daughter, Godzilla, and a rose. It’s like Audrey on steroids.”

— Mike Dougherty

Perhaps most importantly, Legendary should explore the Hollow Earth.

Godzilla vs. Kong spent so much time getting there and then barely explored it.

A full movie down there that’s part Indiana Jones and part original King Kong? Yes, please.

All of which could culminate in all the monsters teaming up again against… Destoroyah!

This ‘90s kaiju is also an excuse to get the humans in on it since he creates little facehugger-like monsters.

Oh and more of Bradley Whitford’s live-action version of Rick Sanchez.