By David Crow

​​Looking for the perfect gift for the MCU fan in your life? We have a guide to the highly collectible Marvel figures, replicas, variant comics, and more from Eaglemoss!

Wolverine Marvel Comics Heavyweights Figurine: Fans love to display their Marvel figurines! Try this classic Wolverine, who is ready for action in this sturdy metal artistic rendering from Hero Collector.

Spider-Man (Avengers: Infinity War) Figurine: Hero Collector also captured Spider-Man’s iconic look from Avengers: Infinity War in this figurine for their Marvel Comics Heavyweights lineup.

Captain America (Avengers: Endgame) Figurine: Or you can commemorate the moment in Avengers: Endgame when Captain America wielded Mjolnir with this stunning collectible.

Loki (The Avengers) Figurine: Loki’s classic appearance in The Avengers is captured for posterity in this entry from Hero Collector’s Heavyweights series.

Black Panther Figurine: Black Panther also takes his place in the Marvel Comics Heavyweights line with this 4.1-inch tall metal collectible figurine.

Iron Man Mk XLVI (Captain America: Civil War) Figurine: Tony Stark first wore his Mark XLVI Armor in Captain America: Civil War, and this Heavyweights collectible lets you relive the film that changed the MCU forever.

Venom Marvel Comics Heavyweights Figurine: Marvel’s sinister symbiote Venom stands tall in this 1:18 scale metal figurine placed upon a sturdy base and packaged in a collectible tin box.

Deadpool Figurine: Deadpool may be uncharacteristically quiet in this collectible metal figurine from Hero Collector’s Heavyweights line, but the “merc with a mouth” is still very cool!

Spider-Man Marvel VS. Green Goblin Marvel: Spider-Man squares off against the Green Goblin in these detailed polyresin statuettes that are sold separately and form an intense action scene when paired together.

Captain America’s Shield Replica: Standing nearly 6 inches tall and mounted on a display stand, this replica of Captain America’s shield is a must-have Marvel collectible.

Amazing Spider-Man #65 Felipe Massafera Eaglemoss Exclusive Variant: Figures not your thing? Hero Collector also has this highly sought-after variant cover of Amazing Spider-Man #65 that would be a welcome addition to any comic collection.