By Matthew Byrd

1989's Friday the 13th is sometimes called one of the worst NES games ever, but it's arguably best remembered for Jason's purple and blue outfit. What's the story behind this fashion nightmare?

In the 1980s, LJN firmly established itself as one of gaming's worst publishers. Their specialty was acquiring the rights to some of the biggest properties of the 1980s.

From Jaws and The Karate Kid to Back to the Future and X-Men, LJN published some of the worst video game adaptations of all time. In many ways, Friday the 13th continued that trend.

Back to the Future

To its credit, though, Friday the 13th is one of the more accurate LJN games. It's got Camp Crystal Lake, Jason, counselors, and it's even a horror game. By LJN standards, it's a minor miracle.

That just makes Jason's outfit that much stranger, though. You might not know much about Jason, but you probably know that he doesn't wear a purple jumpsuit and blue mask. His look is more...muted.

To help understand Jason's looks, you first need to know that Friday the 13th was developed by Atlus: the same Japanese studio that would go on to develop the Persona series.

Persona Series

The popular theory is that Atlus didn't have much official reference material to work with. As such, they probably had to turn to whatever promotional material was available at the time.

One of the most accessible pieces of promotional material probably would have been this Japanese Friday the 13th movie program that shows Jason in a purple outfit and blue-tinted mask.

Another theory says the outfit's colors can be blamed on the NES' limited power. Atlus may have been forced to use the colors that were available to ensure Jason stood out against backgrounds.

Still, some believe that the outfit may have been a simple style choice. At a time of weird adaptations, Atlus may have decided to embrace the weirdness and reimagine Jason's look.

However it happened, the purple outfit's legacy is undeniable. It's developed a sizable fanbase and can be found on everything from toys to cosplay designs.