By Lee Parham

In a series known for its crazy action set pieces, we round up some of the most absurdly entertaining Fast and Furious stunts of all time.

Magnets! The latest installment in the Fast Saga, F9, sees sport cars equipped with super powerful electromagnets providing a creative gimmick for chase scene shenanigans.

Space! After years of internet memes, the crew finally flies into the final frontier in F9! Fan favorites Roman and Trez pilot a modified version of a Pontiac Fiero in this out of this world sequence.

Safe in the Street What do you do when the heist goes terribly wrong? Rip a safe straight out the building, of course! The crew drags a safe across the streets of Rio in this bombastic segment in Fast Five.

Rock Beats Torpedo As Roman exclaims “Is that a torpedo” in The Fate of the Furious, Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs calmly tells him to “take the wheel” as he exits their vehicle and moves the projectile with his bare hands.

Rock Beats Helicopter If you were curious if Hobbs is actually superhuman, we might have your answer. If this scene from Hobbs and Shaw where he holds onto a helicopter with a chain is any indication, the answer is “yes.”

Midair Catch As Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty flies through the sky, Vin Diesel’s Dom catches her in midair and manages to safely land on the hood of a car with hardly a scratch in this Fast and Furious 6 sunt.

The Street Always Wins Action movie heavyweights Vin Diesel and Jason Statham have a crowbar brawl in a garage before Diesel defeats him by saying “the street always wins” as the concrete collapses in this Furious 7 fight.

Drifting Through a Crowd As a high-speed chase breaks out in the streets of Tokyo, Sean manages to drift perfectly through a large crowd at an intersection in this miraculous moment from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Cars Don’t Fly A nervous Brian O'Connor yells “cars don’t fly” as Dom races one of the worlds fastest automobiles through a window thousands of feet above the skyline in Dubai in this iconic set piece in Furious 7.

Flying cars, superhuman strength, powerful magnets and more are what make The Fast Saga entertaining no matter how ludicrous this situation.