Cobra Kai

Season 4 Predictions

By Gene Ching

Once again, a Cobra Kai finale has set the stage for a new villain and other potential conflicts that season 4 could explore.

Fans of Cobra Kai have come to expect surprise cameos from Karate Kid stars of the past, and that trend will likely continue in season 4.

One big question fans will have: who is on the other end of Kreese’s phone conversation in the season 3 finale?

The fact that he says, “Hey, long time,” hints at a close associate, perhaps his war buddy Terry Silver from The Karate Kid Part III.

While Thomas Ian Griffith, who played Silver in 1989, is no longer acting, he still writes for television and could make a return.

There are also several mysterious parents referenced in earlier seasons that could be identified in season 4.

Many fans thought wrongly that Tory’s mother was Elisabeth Shue’s character Ali, but her kids are Lucas and Ava.

Could we see Jessica Kennedy (Robyn Lively) or even Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank) from The Next Karate Kid as Tory’s mom?

And what if the original Referee (Pat E. Johnson) returned for the All-Valley Karate Tournament in the season 4 finale?

It would be a fitting tribute to the martial arts master behind the original franchise, who still teaches Tang Soo Do into his 80s.

With the escalating surprises that Cobra Kai has already brought, season 4 is likely to lean heavily into even more fun cameos.

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