and 2021’s Best MMOs


By Matthew Byrd

Amazon's New World is the newest kid on the massively multiplayer online game block, but is it the right MMO for you?

New World is a "modern" MMORPG with real-time combat and a player-vs-player-focused territory control system. It's an exciting option for competitive players looking to jump into the action.

It’s the hottest new MMO, but if its combination of competitive combat and action-based MMORPG gameplay doesn't sound like it's for you, there are plenty of other options.

World of Warcraft is going through a notable rough patch at the moment, but it's still seen as the gold standard for epic, loot-based, MMORPG adventures by millions of players.

If you miss socially-driven MMO experiences (or just the "golden days" of WoW), give World of Warcraft Classic a shot. This retro relaunch is currently reliving the game's Burning Crusade expansion.

Don't look now, but Final Fantasy 14 is quickly becoming the king of MMORPGs. This game's friendly community and years worth of incredible updates makes it one of the genre's most complete epics.

Destiny 2 has long provided a way for shooter fans to get their MMO fix, and the game is still the best in that category. This incredible action game can be played for years.

If you need a more hardcore MMO game, EVE Online might just be for you. This "spreadsheet simulator" is complicated but one of the most memorable sci-fi gaming experiences ever.

If you like New World but want a better solo experience, Elder Scrolls Online might be your best choice. At the very least, it will make the wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 easier.

Star Wars: The Old Republic makes up for its smaller community with an incredible atmosphere and engaging story. It's still one of the best ways to lose yourself in the Star Wars universe.

Black Desert Online isn't the deepest MMO, but the fact that the game is playable on mobile devices makes it the perfect choice for genre fans on the go!