How A Quiet Place Part II Sets Up a Third Movie

By David Crow

At the moment, A Quiet Place Part II is the biggest movie of the year—and last year too.

Originally meant to open in 2020, it’s 2021’s first box office smash, bringing theaters back.

Which is good news for fans of the John Krasinski and Emily Blunt franchise....

since it leaves the door open for a sequel.

This is a far cry from the first A Quiet Place, which neither Blunt or Krasinski wanted to build from in 2018.

“I was the one who was even more steadfast about not coming back,” Blunt told Den of Geek.

But Krasinski then came up with an idea about a sequel being about their onscreen children taking the lead and “lighting the candle.”

Hence perhaps why A Quiet Place Part II not so much ends but cuts to black mid-story.

Technically, A Quiet Place Part III has not been confirmed.

(Although Paramount has greenlit a spinoff set in this world directed by Jeff Nichols)...

But both Krasinski and Blunt are more open now with talking about a potential Part III.

“He has a whole arc of ideas that could work,” Blunt told Collider. “ … He has a couple of great ideas.”

Krasinski further revealed he’s seeded those ideas into Part II.

“We even went so far as to put in a couple of easter eggs, so that if I did a third one, they would connect,” he told THR.

Given that box office, AQP3 is surely coming.

And maybe it can begin by the Abbott family all heading for an island getaway?