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Which films should be on your spooky season watch list? Tap for our horror streaming guide!

By Alec Bojalad, Mike Cecchini, Don Kaye, Elizabeth Rayne


 The Cabin in the Woods features    five college friends renting… a    cabin in the woods. In classic    horror fashion, soon things begin    to go awry. 


 The film then doles out some of    the many tricks it has up its sleeve   in a funny, and yet still creepy    breakdown of horror tropes.  



Hereditary follows Annie Graham (Toni Collette), who begins to realize that she may have inherited a mental illness from her late mother…or something worse.

Hereditary is terrifying because it asks a deceptively simple but truly creepy question: what do we really inherit from our family?


 The Lighthouse is a descent into   watery psychological madness,   seasoned with a heavy dollop of   Lovecraftian horror.


 Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe   are brilliant as the mentally    crumbling guardians of the title   structure.  



Overlord picks up on the eve of D-Day when a paratrooper quad is sent in behind enemy lines to destroy a German radio tower located in an old church. 

Their plane is shot down and only a handful survivors land. Those who do will soon discover that the horror has just begun.


 Part straight up horror, part The   Wicker Man, and part   anthropological study,   Midsommar seems to occupy   many genres all at once.


 Whatever genre Midsommar is, it   is a brilliant, and at times deeply   disturbing film.


A Quiet Place

The film follows a survivalist family in a post-apocalyptic world populated by blind creatures that possess a devastatingly strong sense of hearing.

The formula of A Quiet Place is destined to be oft-repeated for a reason. Horror really works when you’re unable to scream.


 Dakota Johnson stars as a   woman who enrolls in a   prestigious Berlin dance   academy that also happens to   be run by a coven of witches.


Suspiria is not necessarily a   remake of the 1977 Italian film of   the same name so much as it’s   inspired by it.