Your reactions to Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River Song

The Internet has been on fire since the Doctor Who finale, The Wedding Of River Song, was screened. Here's a flavour of your thoughts...

Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River Song

You can’t even accuse a series of Doctor Who of leaving our screens quietly, and this weekend’s The Wedding Of River Song proved as divisive as a series finale arguably should be (our fag packet maths, from the responses we’ve received, suggests a 60/40 split in favour of those who liked it).

You can read our full review here (and after watching it a second time, some of the things we questioned in there make a lot more sense), but here’s a flavour of what you’re been saying in the comments, and over social networking conglomerates…

The Happy

“Loved this series, and this ep tied it all up nicely.” – Sweeney

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“I enjoyed it immensely, it made logical sense in a Whovian way and it left me excited about series 7. I don’t think I expected more than that from a finale. Maybe somebody out there on the forums could write something better. Go for it.” – somepilgrim

“It had its minus points but ultimately it was 10 times better than that last Torchwood fail. Be glad it’s still British, quirky and fun and the BBC aren’t spending all the money on Strictly Come Dancing” – robward70

“Always amuses me when people accuse Steven Moffat of “making it up as he goes along.” That pretty much sums up a writer’s job! And you know that Matt Smith? He’s just pretending to be The Doctor.” – jude2004

“This *wonderful* finale had me grinning from ear to ear with its audacity, clarity, witty way of bringing everything together. Loved it, thought it was easy to follow, couldn’t fault a thing in it” – dkjm74

“I thought it was good. Did it live up to my highest expectations? No. But then again, nothing could have at this point. But I don’t know how it could have gotten much closer.” –tomotay89

“I am SO glad to be back in the “liked it” camp! 🙂 There might be some minor issues, but he solved the problem by DOING SOMETHING CLEVER, rather than just wiping it away with some massive emotional outburst!” – FonceFalooda

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“Just want to add to the chorus that it was an excellent ending and good old fashioned Doctor Who fun. All the loose ends were appropriately tied together in the end. Matt Smith has made the role his own and is a fine successor to all those before him. In a lot of ways he reminds me of my Doctor – Patrick Troughton – who appealed to adults and children alike. Thanks to all involved for a truly wonderful series” – conkom

“I absolutely loved it! We’ve just had the two most thrilling Who series ever and people are still moaning.” – tombombadil66

“I am 41 and grew up watching Tom Baker and Peter Davidson , but THIS is the golden age of Doctor Who RIGHT NOW!” – squiredog

“I for one didn’t find the episode confusing at all. You’d have to be pretty thick to get confused as to what happened.” – MBradley

The Not-So-Happy

“Was it just me or didn’t this really have the feel of season finales of previous years? As with previous SM reveals, it just felt rushed, in a ‘oh by the way, this is how the Doctor survived’ kind of way.” – InTheShadows

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“Too many timelines going on for me! I think I’m most confused about Amy and Rory’s. The Doctor dropped them off, said bye, then they went to Utah, then did the whole 1960s thing with the the CIA guy, then…what? And remember Amy and Rory waving to themselves in the Silurian episode last year? What was that about? Help me out someone, or draw me a nice simple diagram to help. This makes the Terminator Timeline look like a straight line.” – phortonfour

“All the CGI in the world can’t make up for a total disregard for logical consistency. In the words of the song: we came all that way for this?” – trogwold

“I think that’s the first time since New Who began that I’ve been disappointed by a series finale. It didn’t have the feel of one; it was quite fun for the first half, but by the end it was just insipid, and the way he escaped seemed so…easy.” – TigressUK

“This is how the season ends, not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a ‘what the hell?!?’”- Name1ess

“Worst. Season. Finale. EVER. I hope I’ve made my position clear.” – Zokko

“For the first time in the Matt Smith/Steven Moffat tenure I was disapointed. Shockingly so.” – MyTruth

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So: what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…