WWE Battleground Sets Path For The New Era

Coming out of Battleground, WWE has plenty of new roads to go down ...

Dean Ambrose is still the WWE Champion coming out of Battleground on Sunday night, keeping the WWE Title on SmackDown while Raw is left without a world champion, and perhaps a new forthcoming direction.

The decision to put Ambrose over in the main event was certainly an interesting one. The stage was set perfectly for a double-turn, I thought, heading into the match with Reigns and Rollins, even though I hardly expected them to actually move in that direction.

Coming off a Wellness Policy suspension, Reigns is a heel. There’s no longer any question about it. The fans are already against him and now he has that “cheater” moniker attached to him, even if WWE isn’t about real competition.

Reigns was booed, loudly, when he made his return, as was expected. It’s no longer a surprise. We know the reaction Roman Reigns is going to get, and WWE seems to be the only ones unaware of it.

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Now, the truth is that they’re very aware of it. The thing is, they just don’t care.

At least they haven’t cared for the last several months. More than a year, really. If WWE decides to one day move in that direction and heel Roman Reigns, finally Vince will be listening to his audience.

1. Sasha Banks & Bayley beat Charlotte & Dana Brooke

Reports coming out of this match are that Bayley is headed back to NXT, but I don’t expect that to last for very long. The reaction Bayley received from the live crowd was enormous, one of the biggest of the night, and the crowd knew what to do when it comes to her hugging act. That should let WWE know that it’s time for her to join others on the main roster.

It’s likely they wait until after the SummerSlam match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks, because otherwise she could get lost, but Bayley is on her way to the main roster. There’s no doubt.

2. The Wyatt Family beat New Day

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This was an interesting win, considering that the Wyatt Family is supposedly breaking up through the WWE Draft and New Day was drafted as a team, and sticking together.

This could point to WWE not breaking up the Wyatt Family. That would make the most sense. Their gimmick is that of a cult, so a brand split shouldn’t keep them from supporting each other, in theory.

3. Rusev (c) beat Zack Ryder to retain the U.S. Title

Really no surprise here. This match felt like it was there just to debut Mojo Rawley, who saved Ryder after the match.

4. Sami Zayn beat Kevin Owens

Not only was this one of the best matches of the night, this was one of the best matches of the year.

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This match had a feeling of finality to it. Owens and Zayn have battled for months and their rivalry has gone on even longer if you look back to their NXT and even Ring of Honor days. This match felt like it was the last time we’d see them fight, at least for the time being.

Zayn and Owens are this generation’s Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. They can go in different directions but you can always go back to Zayn and Owens and know you’re going to get a hot feud and some great matches.

5. Natalya beat Becky Lynch

It was a tad surprising to see Becky Lynch take a clean loss here, but it’s good to see WWE continuing to do some positive things with Natalya, dating back to her feud with Charlotte earlier this year.

6. The Miz (c) beat Darren Young to retain the U.S. Title

The finish to this match stunk, no other way to put it. Young looked good and Bob Backlund looked crazy, but I didn’t like seeing Backlund bump for Maryese on the outside, and the notion that Young is slowly going crazy, like Backlund, isn’t that believable to me.

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7. John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass beat The Club

Cena pinning Styles here was another eyebrow-raiser, considering it looks like we’re going to get Cena vs. Styles II at SummerSlam next month. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to give Cena a clean win here.

It would have made more sense for someone like Enzo, or even Cass, who they are building, to get a win over Styles if that was where WWE wanted to go with this. What would have made more sense was giving The Club a win, probably over Enzo, who can easily redeem himself on the microphone.

Dean Ambrose (c) beat Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins to retain the WWE Title

Having Shane, Bryan, Mick Foley and Stephanie all at ringside for the main event led me to believe we were going to get a lot of shenanigans, but at the end of the match it turned out there was none. Those four were out there just for us to see their reactions.

The focus was still too much on the authority figures, though. No one wants the NFL for Roger Goodell, as much of a goof as he is. You watch the NFL for the games and for guys like Tom Brady.

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