Will TV Show: Trailer, Release Date, Cast

TNT has released a trailer for their upcoming young Shakespeare series Will...

Who doesn’t love a good William Shakespeare drama? TNT’s latest original series is less Kenneth Branagh and more Baz Luhrman (the series is even written by Romeo + Juliet co-writer Craig Pearce) in its depiction of the young Shakespeare’s life. Check out the trailer…

Will TV Show Trailer

It appears that the latest addition to TNT’s lineup of original shows will look to cement the idea in the most literal sense that “All the world’s a stage.” This time, the Bard of Avon himself William Shakespeare will be the primary character in an upcoming series called Will that depicts the younger days of his playwriting career when just about anyone that mattered thought he was churning our tales “told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Will TV Show Episodes

The Turner cable network has officially announced a 10-episode order for Will, which will showcase itself as a drama that, while (loosely) based on historical legend, is clearly channeling an aesthetic more amenable to the coveted teen demographic. Coupling that bit of news with the release of a teaser trailer, it is evident that the series’ frenetic style and usage of contemporary hip hop music is intended to inject a conventionally “boring” Elizabethan era with a quasi-Game of Thrones aura containing grit, intensity, brutality and sexuality… just on a more disciplined basic cable level.   

Will TV Show Cast

The titular sonnet-spewing main character of Will is actually being played by a debuting newcomer named Laurie Davidson. However, his supporting cast will more likely ring familiar. Olivia De Jonge (The Visit) plays Will’s prospective love interest Alice Burbage, whose aspirations as an actress aren’t exactly welcome during an era when men are dressed up to fill female roles. However, it’s a fateful connection since Alice’s father James Burbage (Colm Meaney) will provide a crucial outlet for Shakespeare when he eventually goes on to build the first proper theater since the time of the Romans on the outskirts of London.

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Also filling out the cast are Mattias Inwood (The Shanara Chronicle) who plays Alice’s vainglorious, over-acting brother Richard, who will strike a creative partnership with Will. Ewan Bremner (Trainspotting, Exodus: Gods and Kings) is also onboard playing a “wealthy and notorious” law enforcer named Richard Topcliffe. However, a name that is, perhaps, most recognizable to the YA-obsessed audience the series covets in Jamie Campbell Bower of The Twilight Saga films, Sweeney Todd and The Mortal Instruments has been cast as Shakespeare’s historically renown nemesis Christopher Marlowe.

Will TV Show Release Date

Will will hit TNT’s summer schedule on July 10th. Mark your calendars.