Will There Be a Good Omens Season 2?

The Good Omens TV adaptation may have only just launched on Amazon, but we're already eager to know if there will be a Season 2.

Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens

This Good Omens Season 2 article contains spoilers for the end of Good Omens Season 1. You can read a spoiler-free review of the show here.

In the lead-up to the launch of the Good Omens miniseries on Amazon, creator Neil Gaiman has been pretty adamant about how this story would be a self-contained one that would end after the six episodes now available to stream on Amazon.

Gaiman told Den of Geek at last year’s New York Comic Con: “It’s a book, it’s a limited series, and we start at the beginning, we go to the end, we’re done, we walk away hopefully with people incredibly happy, smelling of roses, and with people saying, ‘Why can’t you do more?’ And we say, ‘Because Terry and I only ever wrote the one book.'”

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However, if you watch the glorious Good Omens TV series through to its completion, the series itself seems to tell a different story, setting up these characters and this world for continued adventures.

In the finale, Aziraphale and Crowley manage to trick their respective bosses into thinking they are impervious to the traditional punishments. The first season ends with the angel and the demon discussing how they have managed to avoid destruction—for now—and going for lunch at the Ritz. Humanity has been given a second chance, as have Aziraphale and Crowley, but what will they all choose what to do with it? Will there be a Good Omens Season 2 so we can find out?

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It’s a definite possibility. While Gaiman may have said he saw this as a complete story at NYCC, he has also spoken to the opposite conclusion. In 2017, during a Good Omens set visit, Gaiman told RadioTimes.com: “Terry [Pratchett] and I also plotted a sequel to Good Omens that we never did … It was about where the angels actually came from, which is why it was pretty easy to add extra angels (including Jon Hamm’s Gabriel) to this.”

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Gaiman continued: “And having come up with that plot, we know that if people love this enough and if the time and the will is there, we could absolutely go back and do a lot more.”

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Therefore, the possibility of a Season 2 seems to depend, as it usually does, on the popularity of the first part. More news on the possibility of Good Omens TV storytelling as we hear it.

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