Will Hap and Leonard Season 4 Happen? It Should.

Hap and Leonard Season 4 needs to happen. SundanceTV's noir drama is a criminally underrated gem.

When it comes to covering TV shows, sometimes you get lucky and land a show that is an absolute joy to review. For me, that show is SundanceTV’s noir drama Hap and Leonard, which just wrapped its third season. But with that season finale comes the immediate question: will we get to see Hap and Leonard Season 4?

James Purefoy (of Rome, and most recently Altered Carbon) and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) are the titular characters. Theirs is a friendship for the ages, unconditional love between men presented unironically in all its vulnerable glory. Despite its noir trappings—flawed heroes, two-fisted action, plots that twist and turn—Hap and Leonard proudly wears its heart on its sleeve. Race, gender, religion—none of it matters to Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. And yet all of it matters to the world around them. And it’s in this juxtaposition that the show truly shines.

Considering each season is only six episodes, it’s a wonder that the writers are able to deliver so much story in so little time. The narrative is tight, economical; the dialogue, colorful and truthful.

To say Hap and Leonard is a critical darling is not an understatement (I myself have repeatedly given the series high marks). But the show is absolutely adored by fans, too. A quick search of #HapAndLeonard reveals an active community that includes viewers, actors and producers, all advocating for a series they vehemently believe in.

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As of this writing, Hap and Leonard Season 4 has yet to be renewed. With several more of Joe R. Lansdale’s books to adapt, there certainly isn’t a dearth of source material to draw from. And having delivered another strong season with “The Two-Bear Mambo,” Hap and Leonard still has plenty of gas left in the tank. With the season finale, “Monsoon Mambo,” viewers were left wanting more. That’s not a bad thing, of course. But another season of a show filled with so many emotional highs and lows, with so much joy and sorrow, and with so much empathy for the disenfranchised, another season isn’t a bad thing, either.

Hap and Leonard Season 4 Release Date

The show has always arrived in the spring, so assuming it gets renewed, we expect Hap and Leonard Season 4 in February or March of 2019.