Will Black Sails Season 5 Happen?

Is there a chance we could see a Treasure Island based Black Sails Season 5?

Black Sails, our favorite pirate drama ever, is over. Long live Black Sails. While the Black Sails series finale left us satisfied, we’ve grown rather fond of this crew, and if Starz ever wanted to head to Treasure Island for Black Sails Season 5, we’d set sail with them.

“Making Treasure Island, I think, is an interesting idea that we have definitely talked about,” Executive Producer Dan Shotz told us back in October of 2016. “While [the show] is such a lead-up to it, it kind of lives outside of [the book] a little bit. Where we’re going to leave everybody, you can now read the book and you can look at it with a totally different lens, which I think was our goal. I don’t necessarily know if it would fit the children’s story that is Treasure Island, but maybe we could do our own version of a children’s story. The Black Sails version.”

“Our goal with the ending was to get as close as possible to Treasure Island,” producer Robert Levine told Deadline. “It was to try to leave you in a place where you could finish the show and then start at page one of the book, and start reading it, and have it not only make sense in the narrative sense, but also be something of a new story for you. Because now you could fill in a lot between the lines in terms of the characters, and their relationships, and their histories.”

“We talked about a bunch of different versions of ways the show could go on,” Jonathan Steinberg added in the same interview with Deadline. “A few of them felt interesting and felt like things that might be fun together. But they didn’t quite feel like the show, and I think the closer we got to the book, the more it felt apparent that the book is the book, and the show is the show. They can talk to each other, and they can inhabit the same universe, but for them to overlap just didn’t quite feel right. And I think the ending, where it landed, everybody felt like they were in the right place. They felt like they got back to some version of the place they started as a different person with a different outlook.”

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So it doesn’t sound like Black Sails season 5 is all that likely, but we’ll leave you with some hopeful words Luke Arnold told us last October. “It would be amazing to come back, see some of the gang again, and do some more in 10-years-time.”