Why The Leftovers Should Be Considered HBO’s Best Drama

Hear us out... The Leftovers is HBO's best drama ever.

Picking the best drama on HBO isn’t that much different from picking the best drama ever on TV. Shows like The Sopranos, The Wire and Game of Thrones are all incredible series. But after a remarkable third season, The Leftovers is a sneaky, smart pick for “Best HBO Drama Ever.”

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More than any other series, The Leftovers deals with emotion, and is relatable in ways that its competitors aren’t. The show starts with a provocative event: two percent of the world’s population disappears. Instead of trying to explain what happened to all of those people, the show picks up two years later, focusing on the people attempting to make sense of everything after a rapture-like event happens. The show’s audience only knows as much as the characters, and that doesn’t change throughout the three seasons. We’re left in the dark.But that’s besides the point. The show never promised to answer these mysterious questions; rather, it made a point from the jump to explore grief, the absurdities of human existence, and whether or not it’s possible to move on from tragedy. Religion, spirituality, and events that can only be described as supernatural pepper the 28 episodes, and it doesn’t lack for intriguing narrative. The mountains and valleys that the ensemble cast explore in an attempt to figure their sh*t out made for an addicting journey.But that’s almost secondary to the way that the show made us feel. More than likely, anybody reading this has experienced some degree of loss. Loss can make us do weird things, and at its worst the universe can be a giant, scary mess. It might not offer the escapism of Game of Thrones or the biting socioeconomic commentary of The Wire, but The Leftovers is a lean, complete package that encapsulates some of the most relatable emotions and experiences. It accomplishes its mission statement with grace, and a bit of humor, and is the best drama that HBO has produced.