Who’s Who in Who: The Second Doctor’s Major Companions

As the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who ever nears, it is time to revisit the Second Doctor's companions and, like a nice haggis, what they filled the TARDIS with.

As the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who draws ever closer (WE NOW HAVE A TWELVE!), it remains the time where every good Whovian waxes nostalgic of what came before. But just as the ten previous faces of the Doctor deserve careful and constant examination, so too do the countless companions who can often go overlooked (which goes double for “Classic Who”). For that reason, we at Den of Geek that it’d be wise to continue our retrospective companion series: “Who’s Who in Who.”
PollyTraveled with: First and Second DoctorPlayed by: Anneke Wills Polly was the companion so cool, hip, mod and posh that she needed only one name. As THE very modern woman, she inadvertently found herself traveling with the Doctor during the groovy years. She was also one of the first companions to see the Doctor regenerate. Polly has served as a companion to both the First and Second Doctors. Life With the Doctor: Neither Polly nor Ben intended to travel with the Doctor. But fate often had a strange way of working, especially around a physics-defying police box. She and Ben ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time (or more like the RIGHT place and the RIGHT time). Hence, their discovery that some things really are bigger on the inside. Also, while there was a clear bond between Polly and Ben, they never ended up romantically involved. She yearned for home and eventually returned to her correct place and time. Personality: Polly was a quick-witted, intelligent and gifted woman. Her use of sarcasm and jokes was often to cover up her feelings. However, she also had the ability to become very serious, especially if lives were at stake. She was a much more modern woman than, say, Barbara Wright. No need to rely on men for this gal! (although Ben may have thought so) Continuity: Polly doesn’t return to the television show, but she made appearances in comics and other Doctor Who media.
 Ben JacksonTraveled with: First and Second DoctorPlayed by: Michael Craze When Ben met the Doctor, he was in the British Navy. Stationed onshore where he met Polly, it was through the same seemingly random acts of circumstance that bound him to traveling with the Doctor. Life With The Doctor: He was accidentally onboard the TARDIS when it misfired (which it had a habit of doing early on). He also was very fond of Polly, trying to fill the role of knight in shining armor. And yet Polly was very independent and needed no man to rescue her. So, the two had a relationship full of playful banter. He traveled with both the First and second Doctor, which makes him the other first companion to witness the Doctor regenerate. He and Polly invited Jaime to travel alongside them and were mentors to him. Alas, their travels eventually came to an end when Ben decided to return home. Personality: Ben was far more practical and earthy than Polly. He had a tendency to become defensively testy when he was left in the dark. But along with this timidity came a kind and protective nature. He was protective of Polly who he clearly had a major crush on, though nothing ever came of their relationship. Continuity: Like Polly, we didn’t know a great deal about what happened to Ben after he left the Doctor. Still, he has been mentioned sparingly in other Doctor Who related media.
 Jamie McCrimmonTraveled with: Second DoctorPlayed by: Frazer Hines  Newer fans of Doctor Who may be surprised to learn that Amelia Pond was not the first companion to come from “the greatest country on Earth.” That honor went to the kilt-wearing Scottish Highlander Jaime McCrimmon. Jaime was one of the most loyal companions following the Doctor to the ends of the Earth (and beyond). Life With The Doctor: We first met Jaime during the Battle of Culloden in 1746. He was a young Scottish rebel whose bravery impressed Two, Polly and Ben. Thus began the incredible journey of The Second Doctor and Jaime McCrimmon. During Jaime’s tenure as the Doctor’s right hand man, he saw companions come and go. He fell in love and had his heart broken. He learned about modern technology, time travel and aliens. One would think his mind was totally blown, but he seemed to take every adventure all in stride. Plus, he was the first companion that the Doctor really seemed to rely on. Other companions were like assistants, whereas Jaime was a companion in the truest sense of the word. His loyalty was evident throughout the series. He finally left only after the Time Lords erased most of his memories of the Doctor. Personality: One can’t really blame Jaime for being a tad old-fashioned considering he was born in the early half of the 1700s. This was especially evident in the way that Jaime treated women. He was a bit of an old-fashioned gentleman: chivalrous, loyal and charming to boot. Also, he was definitely a hopeless romantic when it came to Victoria and even Zoe. Though he tended to lack common sense (a byproduct of being from the 1700s), he was brave enough to jump into most battles without hesitation. Continuity: Jaime holds the distinction of being the longest running companion in the history of Doctor Who. He appears in 114 episodes alongside the alien with two hearts, thereby making him the Doctor’s right hand man. Unfortunately, most of Jaime and the Doctor’s adventures are at least partially lost. However, his place in Doctor Who history remains firm. He is often listed as one of the best “Classic Who” companions if not one of the best companions in the series overall. Despite having most of his memories of the man in the blue box erased by Time Lords, he appears in other Doctor Who specials including the 20th anniversary. He also has a great deal in common with another Scot who spent a lot of time gallivanting through time and space: Amy Pond.
 Victoria WaterfieldTraveled with: Second DoctorPlayed by: Deborah Watling Victoria was a very stereotypically wealthy, white Victorian woman. Yet behind her fainting, timid, and sheltered wide-eyed exterior laid a quiet inner strength and a fierce intelligence. Life With the Doctor: Victoria found herself with the Doctor because of tragic circumstances: She was kidnapped and placed on a distant planet. Talk about an out-of-this-world experience! After her father died while saving the Doctor from the Daleks, Victoria found herself orphaned and alone. Hence, she decided to stay with the Doctor and Jaime. But it was clear that she never really felt at home. She longed for her father and missed her former stable life. Despite making friends and saving the day quite a few times, she made her exit from the TARDIS as soon as she was able. Personality: Victoria’s personality was very much a product of the circumstances in which she is raised. She was easily frightened, emotional and tended to rely heavily on the men in her life. However, we did see her grow to be a strong, intelligent and kind person. She was also incredibly stubborn when she believed she was in the right. Continuity: It not clear what happened to Victoria after she leaves the Doctor, but it was implied that she lived “happily ever after” with her new family in the 20th century.
 Zoe HeriotTraveled with: Second DoctorPlayed by: Wendy Padbury Zoe was one of the most cerebral companions the Doctor ever travelled with. Her intelligence and logic was often on par with the Doctor himself. Unlike his previous companions, Zoe was from the future. This made for a great dynamic with the lady and the Time Lord often using their sheer intelligence to solve problems. However, they also shared a lack of common sense, so Jaime often ended up saving them. Life With the Doctor: Zoe hid aboard the TARDIS after realizing that she had nothing left to learn about “The Wheel.” Her hopes were that by traveling with the Doctor (who she meets aboard The Wheel), she could fill her intellectual hunger. She proved to be an invaluable member of the team, often using her computer programming abilities to destroy security units and enemies. Her logic gave her a different perspective in which to see the world from. This perspective often helped Jaime and the Doctor. She and Jaime had their memories erased by the Time Lords, and so she found herself back at The Wheel with very few memories of the Doctor intact. Personality: One could argue that Zoe would make an excellent Vulcan. Her logic, mathematical genius and social awkwardness made her stand out among companions. With her intelligence and wit, she would often run circles around the Doctor. She lacked the social niceties that other companions had and because of this, she was often viewed as snobby. But she wasn’t just a brain. She was also more than willing to fight for a good cause. We saw her grow throughout her time with the Doctor. Continuity: Zoe’s memory of the Doctor was erased and she doesn’t return to the series. However, she has appeared in other Doctor Who related media. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!