What We Do In The Shadows Stars Discuss Character Connection

The blood drinking trio of What We Do in the Shadows bare their fangs to give a taste of what it's like to be a vampire today.

Kayvan Novak and Natasia Demetriou of What We Do in the Shadows.

What We Do in the Shadows is a fun sendup of the vampire mythos, the roleplaying scene and the reality TV world we share with the undead. The mock-documentary series premiered on March 27, putting “creepy paper” all over on FX, a station known for serious and safe dramas like American Horror Story. The series is an adaptation of Taika Waititi‘s 2014 comedy What We Do in the Shadows, which followed vampires Viago, Deacon and Vladislav, who lived together in Wellington, New Zealand. They taught us vampires don’t drink virgin blood because it sounds cool, they do it for the taste. What We Do in the Shadows‘ vampires landed and set up house on Staten Island. They are led by Nandor the Relentless. Played by Kayvan Novak, Nandor is a former warrior who conquered the Ottoman Empire and specialized in pillaging. He lives with the bloodsucking couple Nadja, played by the Natasia Demetriou, and Laszlo, played by Matt Berry. The vampires were chased from an angry and vengeful Europe and now the worst thing they have to face now is each other, which they are doomed to do for eternity.

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Den of Geek spoke with What We Do in the Shadows stars Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, and Matt Berry, at both our peril about the real people behind the plasma.

Novak says Nandor is “goofy, not sure of himself, but at the same time, he’s the handsome warrior.” This was the most marked character for Novak. He said he connected with the warrior in Nandor because his large “exterior matched his exterior.”

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Nastasia Demetriou’s character Nadja is insubordinate, insolent and absolutely mesmerizing, helped by her vampire superpower of hypnosis. Luckily, Nastasia says, Nadja “is incredibly horny, so it wasn’t too hard for me to pretend that.” She is also the only woman among a group of male vampires. The film didn’t have any women, she points out.

Matt Berry says he is “not too much of a fan of the docu-comedy drama genre,” but he likes the special effects, the extraordinary bits and the college-level film school shots. The vampires on What We Do in the Shadows fly, transform into bats, disappear in puffs of mist. He says it gives the series “something undworldly,” like an extraterrestrial visit to a soccer game, something more than just a streaker.

You can watch the interview here:

What We Do in the Shadows  airs Wednesdays on FX.

Interview conducted by Chris Longo. Culture Editor Tony Sokol cut his teeth on the wire services and also wrote and produced New York City’s Vampyr Theatre and the rock opera AssassiNation: We Killed JFKRead more of his work here or find him on Twitter @tsokol.