What TV shows should we cover?

Can you help us choose which TV shows we should be covering at Den Of Geek…?

Lord Kitchener

Hope you don’t mind us asking, but we wanted to run something past you. Easily the thing that takes the most time when putting together articles for Den Of Geek is committing to a series of episode reviews for TV shows. That’s not complaining or anything, but sitting and writing up to 24 episode reviews – as Aaron Birch gamely did with his write-up of the last season of 24 – is hard work.

In our recent reader survey, however, one of the pieces of feedback that came through loud and clear is that you seem to like it when we commit to a show and carry through reviews from start to finish. Hence, over the past few months, we’ve been doing that more and more. Sometimes, for an assortment of reasons, we don’t quite make it to the end, but we’ve nonetheless broadened the amount of shows that we cover.

However, we want to know if we’re missing anything out. What we’ve got for you below is the list of shows we’re definitely planning to do episode-by-episode reviews of. And what we want you to do, if you don’t mind, is post your thoughts in the comments below, and any suggestions of shows that we should be doing on top of these. All help is gratefully appreciated.

To answer the other question about TV show reviews that came through in the survey while I’m here: I will get back to finishing off the Battlestar Galactica write-ups! And, incidentally, if you’re interested in reviewing shows for us, then please take a look here.

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Here, then, are the upcoming shows that we’re planning reviews of:

The Apprentice UK (yep, we know. But it’s sort of a tradition now)Being HumanCapricaChuckDexterDoctor WhoFringeGleeHustleMerlinNo Ordinary FamilyOutcastsPrimevalPsychovilleSherlockSons Of AnarchySpooksStar Wars: The Clone WarsStargate UniverseThe CapeThe InbetweenersThe OaksThe Sarah Jane AdventuresThe Walking DeadTorchwoodTrue BloodUndercoversV

Where possible with UK shows, we’ll carry on putting reviews live as the credits roll after transmission. It’s harder to do that with US shows, as we don’t have access to the same preview materials. But if any US PR people out there would kindly sort that out for us, that would be great.

Thanks for your input, and have a lovely day!