What to Expect From Steven Universe: The Movie

Show creator Rebecca Sugar and the cast of Steven Universe teased what fans can expect from the movie/musical!

Steven Universe: The Movie

Fans have known Steven Universe was getting a movie for a year but everyone behind the scenes remained tight lipped until San Diego Comic-Con 2019. During the Steven Universe panel we finally got a look at the trailer for the film and it brought the house down. While it was very much a first trailer (not too much about the plot was given away) it was enough to send the minds of fans reeling.

When we caught up with the cast and show creator Rebecca Sugar after the panel they still didn’t give too much away. However, Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl) gave us the best tease of all about Steven Universe: The Movie.

“It’s gonna be turnt.”

For the cast it’s been a relief to finally have something to talk about with the movie/musical. Estelle (Garnet) is happy to share the excitement with everyone. “People have been in our DM’s and tweets like OH MY GOD!” 

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Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) is nervous after the overwhelming reaction to the trailer.

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“If that is their reaction now, just from the trailer? Are people going to explode from the actual movie comes out? There’s just gonna be so much excitement it might be unbearable but not. It’ll be great.”

With the film Rebecca Sugar had a story that was too big to fit into any single (eleven minute) episode of the series. They promise everything will be bigger and better for the film.

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“The cinematography is big to support the story. The music is so much bigger. The songs are so much more ambitious.”

Fans got a taste of that new music in snippets from the trailer and the release of the first full song from the film, “True Kind of Love.” Thankfully for anyone desperately waiting for the full soundtrack it’ll drop one day after the film is released.

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Again they couldn’t say much but Sugar teased that “it’s its own huge project and it’s sounding amazing.”

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Now all fans can do is wait to be wowed by Steven Universe: The Movie when it releases on Sept. 2. How will it follow up the events of the fifth season? What does it mean for the future of the show? We’ll find out.

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