Westworld Season 2: Everything We Learned From the New Trailer

Here are 22 things we learned from the latest Westworld Season 2 trailer, all of which points to a major twist late in the season...

Westworld Season 2 is in a full gallop toward us now, and as it comes riding into the town, HBO has been so good as to gift us with another vague, cryptic, yet oh, so intriguing trailer of the violent delights and violent ends to come. The latest and likely final Westworld Season 2 trailer is the longest and most layered yet. Plot details of course remain unsurprisingly fuzzy—this is a project overseen by creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, after all—but there are just enough character dynamics and vistas teased to begin piecing together the new angles and curves to the ever-expanding maze. Are you ready to saddle, up pilgrim?

The first images are of Jeffrey Wright’s tragic Bernard (or is that Arnold?) standing on a beach looking at a sea drenched in corpses. Whether those bodies are human or host, a dream or real, is intentionally left open to debate. Do consider that we learn this voiceover (which we’ll get to in a moment) is a “memory,” for lack of a better word, that Dolores has for her creator Arnold. Yet even if they’re Arnold’s words, we believe this is Bernard witnessing true carnage. As we’ll expand on in a moment, we have confirmation that Bernard at least initially fully sides with the humans in the interspecies war that will be the focal point of season 2, and this is presumably late in the season where he is seeing the fruits of such labor.

Here is our full confirmation that Dolores is recalling memories of her and Arnold’s fireside chats. This is intriguing, as Nolan and Joy have been previously ambiguous as to whether we would see more glimpses of a past already well hinted at in the first season. While this has sinister implications we’ll get to later, we imagine this specific sequence will be used to juxtapose Dolores confronting Bernard later in the season. That and just to remind us how menacingly creepy Evan Rachel-Wood’s Dolores can be from time to time…

Case in point, Dolores is trying to convince Bernard to join their cause. We suspect there might be a major twist midway through the season (which we’ll get to at the end of this analysis), and if so, this would come right before it where Dolores is making headway in her war against their creators, and Bernard likely feels conflict about allegiances.

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Ah and here is why I suspect the earliest images of Arnold’s fears are not just a dream: Bernard is clearly on the beach with Ashley as the humans suit up for a war against their robo-underlings. It is possible the beach is even a destination that Dolores is marching toward, as she and Teddy spoke longingly of going to walk by the sea… someday. Back when they were robots oblivious to the fact they were spouting a script. We imagine that is seeding a final bloody battle, in which tough choices are made by Dolores about what the future holds for her kind.

Speaking of which, we get more glimpses of Dolores’ bloodlust that will drive at least the first part of the season. In the first teaser, we saw her gleefully riding someone down for murder, and in this trailer we see her continue the killing spree by executing a guest. However, this kind of frenzied hatred does not appear to be shared by Teddy who is not as “woke” as Dolores about his status as another species of evolved “gods” walking among mortals. So the whole killing thing might drive a wedge between them in season 2.

Speaking of war and battle, we imagine this will be one of several major conflicts between humans and robots. In fact, this has a curious context: Could this be something like an Alamo Last Stand for the robots? Not likely, as Dolores looks pleased as peach to be shooting at someone in that other shot.

Indeed, this shot confirms Dolores’ war will bring her to the gates of Delos and inside the belly of the beast.

And here is a look at a new human character, who appears to be leading the assault of taking the Westworld park back from the hosts.

We have confirmation in these two shots that Talulah Riley’s host will have a more significant role in season 2 (she has been promoted to series regular this year). In one shot, she looks just as radicalized as she was when the Man in Black met her in his old age in season 1, and in the other we may be seeing one of those flashbacks, as she looks more traditionally host-y.

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Speaking of the Man in Black, Ed Harris’ William seems much more glum than I would think about this war. At last, he has a game with real stakes! Yet here he is drinking himself into a stupor while surmising that he is going to “burn the whole place down.” We have our doubts though about that last bit considering…

Here is a shot of him also outside of the rustic and humble amenities of the park and back inside traditional Delos luxury. This is intriguing, as it would suggest the season will not end with the robots decimating the humans. Perhaps those bodies Bernard is viewing at the beginning of the trailer is what’s left of Dolores’ army? Because old William is not the only one who is going to get to find some peace of mind away from the Wild West before season 2 ends…

And just to confuse things, while that was definitely Ed Harris earlier walking through a luxurious modern hallway, here we see young William, played by the always welcome Jimmi Simpson, discovering Dolores waiting for him in a non-Western setting. So obviously a Delos party for the high-rollers. You can tell it is a more servile Dolores, because her hair is down and her face blank, which is probably the way he likes it. But it gets creepier when he visits her after hours beneath the park and while she is nude. Whatever sympathy audiences have for young Billy is likely going to be put to rest with these flashbacks…

Meanwhile, we have a reminder Maeve is in search of her daughter, which is nice to hear since actor Thandie Newton teased we didn’t know for sure that Maeve was searching for her child (or the host she’s programmed to view as a daughter) at the end of season 1. Yeah, Thandie, that did seem like you were trying a little too hard at misdirection to suggest otherwise.

Here we have confirmation that Maeve will save and reprogram Hector. See, it’s just not her daughter she cares about!

And here is yet more confirmation that Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale is back. This is nice to see, given that she has been strangely absent from the marketing. Also, considering that her career has blown up since season 1, some fans were worried she’d be a dangling thread. But nay, she is on team humans for sure right there.

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And look Clementine is back! This is doubly exciting, because Nolan and Joy refused to fully confirm that Angela Sarafyan would return in season 2. However, they did say it’d be under different circumstances, and they’re not kidding. If I am reading this image correctly, it seems that humans are using Clementine to either help lead them to the other hosts, or that she is some kind of scarecrow meant to discourage them. Think how the bad guys used Mad Max at the beginning of Fury Road.

Here is another character we did not suspect to return, but way off in the background, you can definitely make out the figure of Ben Barnes, who played the repellently entertaining Logan in season 1! This is probably another of William’s flashbacks about not only coming back to Westworld again, but somehow stealing the company and birthright of his brother-in-law, Logan. We imagine this is the scene where Logan’s father is delivering the bad news.

Now this here is really exciting. Dolores and Maeve noticeably had few scenes together in the first season. This is likely because one had been programmed to be the virginal farmer’s daughter to be ravished and the other was the astute entrepreneurial madam of the local brothel. But as their journeys of self-awareness began, their paths never converged. And it seems they won’t necessarily be on the same page in season 2 either. Dolores is cutting a bloody war path while Maeve seems less than amused. We suspect it was probably Maeve (or Teddy) that old William was speaking to in the saloon earlier, as neither are quite so ready to slit his throat as Dolores, who appears to arrive to Sweetwater under the cover of night.

Meanwhile, it seems the robo-revolution is going to get so violent even newborns are killing their proverbial Dr. Frankensteins. Niiice. Something with this much finesse strikes us more as a Maeve move (or a bit of late Dr. Ford programming) than the much more direct Dolores.

And here is what tells me a major twist is coming at least late into season 2. That is Dolores in modern garb, but I do not think this is a flashback. Servile Dolores is often blankly pleasing with her hair down, such as when young William confronts her by the piano, yet this is a more mature and confident Dolores with her hair up… who is in awe of the modern world.

If she were a programmed host, she would not react at all to such modern constructs like a skyscraper. But her awe suggests that she manages to get out of Westworld… and if the Man in Black does too, is it possible that Dolores, of all hosts, could reach a détente with humans? It would be much to the detriment of her fellow hosts, to be sure.

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At last, we finally get to see Shogunworld! In season 1, Maeve glimpsed some hosts preparing for a Samurai-centric alternative to Westworld, but now we have our first look of it fully realized, complete with Ronin warriors and Geisha artists.

And more impressive still, Maeve ends up flipping the script at some point in season 2 and goes east, young woman! Who knows what this might mean about the fate of her “daughter,” but rather than following Dolores’ trail of crimson, she is making one of her own. Could she be entreating Samurai hosts to join her?

We won’t know for sure, until Westworld Season 2 premieres on April 22. But this trailer has left us jazzed at the possibilities!