We Bare Bears Exclusive Clip: Baby Bears Rap

Adorable baby bears with a rap straight out of the '90s is something you’ll only find on Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears.

We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears returns from its hiatus on August 7th with a week of all new summer themed episodes. We Bare Bears creator Daniel Chong says, “this is one of the first time we’ve done something like this. It’s all stories about going out doing activities you’d do in the summer time. That was the theme we were working on.”

The first of these episodes is “The Fair” which features the return of the baby versions of the Bear characters trying to be won at a carnival. To do this they lay down some sweet rhymes, which you can find in the exclusive clip below. 

You know if you look at the timeline of when these Bears would have been little kids it would match up with the ’90s. Those moves, the music, everything is so 90’s it almost hurts but comes back around again and is amazing! Let’s give a shout out to Ice Bear for his moves in particular. That bear is going places. Also, Grizz and Panda are sable to throw some kickin’ lyrics. They just make you want to nail and kick flip and collect some pogs.

Although wait… did we just see Panda and Ice Bear dab?!

If you can’t wait for the episodes to air on Cartoon Network, you can watch them early on the Cartoon Network app.

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We Bare Bears returns for a week of all new episodes starting August 7th on Cartoon Network.

Shamus Kelley would empty out his entire bank account to try and win those bears. He wouldn’t just stand and stare. Follow him on Twitter! 

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