We Bare Bears Creator Describes His Proudest Moment

Diversity is very important to series creator Daniel Chong and this moment exemplified that.

Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears may be a series about three bears trying to make friends and live life in San Francisco but it’s also a very diverse series. One of the main recurring characters in the series is Chloe Park, a ten-year-old Korean American genius. We even get to meet her parents, both of whom speak mostly in Korean. These characters are never stereotyped and Chloe especially gets into all kinds of zany fun with the Bears. 

Series creator Daniel Chong says the first appearance of Chloe’s parents in the episode “My Clique” was very important to him.

“There’s a scene where the Bears meet Chloe’s parents,” Chong told us. “They try to speak Korean and there’s this kind of generational gap between them but they’re able to talk to each other. As an Asian American I’d never seen an exchange like that ever being done in American TV. I thought it was unique and the fact the studio was cool with us doing that, kind of representing different characters in that way? It was really special to me.”

Chong is overall very proud of the level of diversity across the whole We Bare Bears series. “I think there’s a lot of things because our story artists are of a bunch of different nationalities that a lot of things that they can put in culturally we’ve never seen on any animated show before.”

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Chong believes that this level of diversity will be, “one of the lasting things about the show.”

We Bare Bears airs on Cartoon Network.

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