Watch the Sailor Moon Crystal Teaser Trailer Here

The Sailor Moon reboot is almost here, and you can watch the first trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal right now!

Sailor Moon Crystal premieres in just over a month, and as if the fanbase wasn’t already losing its collective mind, we are presented with this, the first trailer for the new Sailor Moon reboot. Expect heads to explode all across this fine land of ours.

The trailer doesn’t give us much, but what we can see is that the animation style is gorgeous and fluid, the product of an evidently higher budget than the original. It focuses mostly on the civilian Usagi (finally seeing her actually form her hair odango with hair pins was far more satisfying than it should have been) but does give us a few shots of Sailor Moon in action as well as some quick glimpses of the other four Sailor Senshi. And, of course, a little Luna action.

The song playing in the background is most likely the new theme song, the biggest clue being lyrics that contain “Sailor Moon” in one of the lines. I like it. It’s got a solid, active energy and establishing its own identity. It’s not trying to be “Moonlight Densetsu” and it shouldn’t. This was a smart move, and if the opening animation fits to it as well as the trailer does, every episode will open with a sequence that will pump viewers up like junkies who just got their fix.

All this would have been sufficient in providing a satisfying trailer, but the icing on the cake? Some dialogue from Usagi herself, allowing us all a chance to hear Kotono Mitsuishi bring Sailor Moon to life for the first time in nearly twenty years. And that ending shot and line? Oh, they knew what we wanted. They knew and they delivered.

Less articulately… ZOMGF! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Holycrapohmygod! Yes! Woo! Moon Prism Power Make Up, bitches!!!

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