Watch Bill Murray as Steve Bannon on SNL

Saturday Night Live's Steve Bannon took off his shroud last night and revealed that he's been an old SNL favorite all this time.

Bill Murray has done a lot of great, some could say brave work in his life. The bravest, however, may have occurred this Saturday when he turned up on Saturday Night Live and ensured that his name would appear next to “Steve Bannon” in Google search terms forever.

Murray unexpectedly appeared during the SNL cold open as ex-President Trump Chief Strategist, disgraced former Breitbart chairman, and model lung that shows grade-schoolers the effects of cigarette smoke Steve Bannon. 

The Steve Bannon in the official SNL canon up until this point (if there is such a thing as SNL canon), was the physical embodiment of death – a shadowy figured cloaked in all-black robes. During the cold open skit about MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “Banon” unvelied his hood to reveal what he’s looked like this whole time. And surprise! He happens to look quite a bit like SNL legend Bill Murray.

SNL has brought back many old favorites to portray key players in the Trump administration this season. Long-time host Alec Baldwin has portrayed the commander-in-chief, himself, while Scarlett Johansson has popped up here and there playing daughter Ivanka…because who else could?

The show added to the roster early on in the Morning Joe skit by bringing in former cast member Fred Armisen to portray Michael Wolff, the writer of much buzzed about White House expose Fire and Fury. Alex Moffatt and Kate McKinnon as Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski had some questions about the accuracy of Wolff’s book. 

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Wolff responded with “Look. You read it, right? And you liked it? You had fun? Well, what’s the problem? You got the gist so shut up. You know even the stuff that’s not true: it’s true.”

That’s when Joe and Mika brought Steve Bannon to address some of the points in Wolff’s book and viewers were treated to the unexpected Murray treat. It’s a good thing that this happened on live television or no one would believe us