Want to see how bad the US version of Spaced could have been?

A clip from the US remake of Spaced appears online, and has been discovered by Simon Pegg. Have a look here at what could have been.

It’s been a year or two now since the planned US take on Spaced was finally canned. You might recall that it didn’t involve Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes or Edgar Wright at all, but instead had the creative genius of McG involved. And you might recall that Simon Pegg issued a statement Here’s a taster of what it said:

“My main problem with the notion of a Spaced remake is the sheer lack of respect that Granada/ Wonderland/Warner Bros have displayed in respectively selling out and appropriating our ideas without even letting us know.”

“A decision I can only presume was made as a way of avoiding having to give us any money, whilst at the same time using mine and Edgar’s name in their press release, in order to trade on the success of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, even professing, as Peter Johnson did, to being a big fan of the show and it’s creators. A device made all the more heinous by the fact that the press release neglected to mention the show’s co-creator and female voice, Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson).”

“The fact is, when we signed our contracts ten years ago, we had neither the experience or the kudos to demand any clauses securing any control over future reversioning. We signed away our rights to any input in the show’s international future, because we just wanted to get the show made and these dark days of legal piracy seemed a far away concern. As a result, we have no rights. The show does not belong to us and, those that do own it have no obligation to include us in any future plans. You would perhaps hope though, out of basic professional respect and courtesy, we might have been consulted.”

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The full statement is here.

The remake was eventually canned when common sense prevailed, but not before a pilot was made. And it’s a clip from that pilot that Simon Pegg discovered on his YouTube travels. He promptly Tweeted it, and now – if you’ve not seen it yet – you can get a glimpse at what could have been. So here’s how the US Spaced remake would have turned out…