Walking Dead: What Does The First Season 4 Trailer Tell Us?

The first trailer for The Walking Dead's Season 4 sheds some light on where the show is heading. Here's our analysis...

Granted, I’m a Walking Dead fanatic, but this is one of the most exciting trailers for a television show to date, as AMC released the first trailer for Season 4 of The Walking Dead today at SDCC.

And, judging by this first trailer, Robert Kirkman wasn’t lying when he said this season would have an emphasis on more zombies.

It looks like the group is attacked from within the prison and are forced to move out of the prison.

Tyreese will apparently have a more prominent role for Season 4, as he’s shown numerous times throughout the trailer.  At one point, he discovers something and is shown with a horrified and angry look on his face, as if someone he cared about was hacked to bits. (Could it be his sister, Sasha?) Later on the trailer, he is seen in an argument with a confused-looking Daryl, and then takes a swing at Rick.  Could Tyreese discover his dead sister and then accuse Daryl or Rick of murdering her? Also, notice that we see Sasha in the first little bit of the trailer, but not in the final scene with Tyrese, Daryl, Bob and Michonne in the car.  Isn’t it doubtful that Tyreese would leave Sasha behind

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At another point in the trailer, Herschel is heard saying, “We just lost 12 of our own…”  Apparently, this “All out War” that Kirkman teased during the panel has taken a tole on the group’s numbers.  However, we don’t know if the 12 killed are prominent characters or if they were just part of the group that was brought into the prison during the last episode of Season 3.  For now, we’ll go ahead and assume the 12 dead were not important mainstays for the series.

There’s also a very brief moment where Daryl and Beth appear to be sharing an intimate moment, which could be an interesting development to cause conflict between Carol and Beth. Okay, maybe that conflict actually isn’t too interesting.

And, of course, what would a Walking Dead trailer be without an angry Rick Grimes whipping out his revolver?

There’s a female voice at the end of the trailer being picked up on the car radio which says, “Sanctuary. Those who arrive, survive.”  But, I have to be honest here: something about this voice just doesn’t feel right.  Her tone sounds almost sinister, but it’s possible that it is just another tired survivor.

Read what Kirkman and the cast had to say about The Walking Dead’s upcoming Fourth Season at the Walking Dead SDCC panel.

The Walking Dead‘s Fourth Season will premiere on October 13th!

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What did YOU pick up from the Season 4 trailer? Sound off below with YOUR comments!

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