Voltron Hyper-Phase SDCC Exclusive Review

We got an early look at the SDCC exclusive Voltron set from Playmates Toys!

With a huge thanks to DreamWorks and Playmates Toys we got a chance to take an early look at the biggest SDCC exclusive for Voltron fans this year, the Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment. It’s a massive box that will cost you $129.99 so be sure to have a big bag to carry it in! You can find a ton of photos below.


From the photos you’ll be able to see the biggest difference is the added wings on Black Lion. They’re easily the best thing about this whole set. It helps Black Lion stand out and really gives me a Gundam Wing vibe. Sadly they’re colored blue like the rest of the set, meaning they aren’t show accurate to the wings seen in the series itself. This is the first time a Black Lion toy has been released with the wings and I wish a correctly colored set of wings had been included if fans wants to add them to their other Lions.

The other Lions obviously all have a ton of extra blue on them. This is where the “Hyper-Phase” comes in, although I doubt this actually reflects anything that’ll be happening in the series itself. It’s the typical thing you get at SDCC, repaints of existing toys.

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These are basically the original Lions that Playmates first released for Voltron Legendary Defender, with some differences in the added weapons. They include the tiny transport vehicles as the original Lions did as well. There are no differences in the sounds the Black Lion makes, all the original phrases are included.

If you bought the first Voltron toy from the Legendary Defender line you know what you’re getting here, it just has some some added color and the wings. If you want to grab one of your own it’ll be available from the following Comic Con vendors:

  • ThinkGeek/Gamestop – Booth 3349
  • Toynk Toys – Booth 815/4437
  • Entertainment Earth – Booth 2343
  • Trendsetters/Sure Thing Toys – Booth 4730

Stay tuned to Den of Geek for all things Voltron and SDCC! 

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