Viva La Madness: Jason Statham’s Layer Cake sequel moves to TV

The mighty Jason Statham's Viva La Madness project - a follow-up to the Layer Cake book - has moved to the telly realm...

Two things that have been happening more and more, recently: big movie stars moving to the small screen, and recognisable film titles filling the telly schedules (Minority Report, Limitless and many more).

This story has them both – the mighty Jason Statham will star in Viva La Madness, a TV sequel to Layer Cake. You may have already heard that The Stath was attached to a Viva La Madness project, and now we know that it will definitely be a TV show – not a film.

The show is based on a book, Viva La Madness by J.J. Connolly. This book was a sequel to the Layer Cake novel. It’s unclear whether the TV adaptation will be set within the same universe as the 2004 Layer Cake film starring Daniel Craig, or whether it will be treated as a standalone adventure. We suspect the latter, though.

What we do know, is that The Stath is attached to star and executive produce, and that Gaumont International (Hannibal’s producers) are taking the reigns behind the scenes. Connolly – the author of the books – will also write the series.

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Gaumont’s CEO Katie O’Connell Marsh said this:

“Viva La Madness, with its riveting characters and twisting storyline, is a volatile cocktail of action and comedy that only J.J. Connolly can create. […] Jason Statham, known for his roles in the Transporter trilogy, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, The Bank Job, as well as the recent Furious 7 and Spy, brings such strength and credibility to his characters but also has an effortless shade of vulnerability that gives him so much dimension on screen.”

The book focuses on international drug deals and other assorted transatlantic crimes, departing from Layer Cake’s London setting. Layer Cake’s anonymous hero is at the centre of this, pulled back into the criminal world despite being on the verge of retirement. He gets a bit bored of soaking up sun in the Caribbean.

We’re waiting to hear which network is going to pick it up.


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