Victor Garber Leaving Legends of Tomorrow

Firestorm no more? What will we do without Victor Garber as Martin Stein?

Victor Garber, one half of Firestorm on Legends of Tomorrowone of the best superhero shows on television, will be departing the show sometime in the current third season, according to a report in Deadline.

Garber, who was a Tony-nominated theater actor long before he ventured into televised nerdery, is leaving the show to join Bernadette Peters to lead the Broadway revival of Hello Dolly! His departure has been known for some time, and it’s being reported that the crew has planned for him to leave the show. It was hard to watch the season opener, where Garber’s Dr. Martin Stein was the only member of the Legends crew to be happy with his post-time jumping station in life (spending time with his wife, daughter, and soon his first grandchild), and not think something was up.

Garber began in the role of Professor Stein on The Flash,where he was paired with Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond to form Firestorm the Nuclear Man: a gestalt hero who could rearrange matter at an atomic level, but mostly flew and shot fire from his hands. Amell wasn’t able to join the cast of Legends, so he was written off and replaced by Jefferson Jackson, played by Franz Drameh. 

For more on Legends of Tomorrowor to keep reliving that one scene where Garber sang “Day-O” to keep Apollo 13’s mission control from noticing they lost contact with the ship, stick with Den of Geek! That scene still holds up, btw.

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