Unpopular Opinion: Rick Grimes Is The Walking Dead’s Best Character

The best character on The Walking Dead title is always up for debate. Our writer makes the case for Rick Grimes.

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Unpopular Opinion: Rick Grimes Is The Walking Dead’s Best Character

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, you may find this insane. What about Daryl? Or Michonne? Or Carol? Or Eastman’s goat? If you’re not a Walking Dead fan, you might be asking “Wait, does this show have even one good character?. Yes, smartass. Its protagonist. 

Rick Grimes is the best character on The Walking Dead because his seeming invincibility makes him fascinating. Rick has survived being shot in the gut. Then he survived the subsequent weeks long coma. Since then he’s laid waste to everything he comes across in his post-apocalyptic environment all the while building a sustainable new society as leader. He tears out throats, he machetes the heads of zombies and villainous humans alike. 

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Most importantly of all, however: he survives. Always. Now being efficient at killing and surviving don’t inherently make a good character. But Rick’s ability to do so over seven seasons has reached near supernatural levels and that makes him by far The Walking Dead’s most interesting character.