TV IV Podcast: ‘Your Information Drip’ for Comedy Television

Host Daniel Kurland discusses the best in comedy television and shares interviews with the creators behind the shows each month.

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What are the trends in modern comedy television, and where can viewers find the hidden gems in the vast landscape of shows available for consumption. Daniel Kurland cuts through the noise and brings thoughtful analysis to what really works by talking to those who create the wonderful comedies worth enjoying. Return here each month to hear the voices of comedians, producers, and content creators as part of your essential “information drip.”

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TV IV 2017: Latest Episode

Episode 13: Peter Pan with Zika Defects – Alan Yang, Jonathan Krisel, Matt Thompson

Master of None Discussion – 4:44Alan Yang Interview – 6:28Baskets Discussion – 18:43Jonathan Krisel Interview –  20:16Topic of the Month: Maturing  – 45:13Archer Discussion – 46:38Matt Thompson Interview – 47:23Spotlight of the Month: Brockmire – 1:07:15Next Month Preview – 1:09:12

Episode 12: No Grime In Our Pipes – Michael Showalter, Jessica Goldberg, Sean Donnelly & Alessandro Minoli

Search Party Discussion – 6:05Michael Showalter Interview – 7:40The Path Discussion – 27:56Jessica Goldberg Interview –  29:22Topic of the Month: Cutting the Bullshit; Embracing Ugly Honesty – 47:05Jeff & Some Aliens Discussion – 48:28Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli Interview – 49:33Spotlight of the Month: Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep – 1:04:56Next Month Preview – 1:06:01

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Episode 11: What Nightmares May Come – Jon Glaser, Brian Huskey, Daniel Stessen & David Gries

Jon Glaser Loves Gear Discussion – 4:48Jon Glaser Interview – 6:02Mr. Neighbor’s House Discussion – 18:14Brian Huskey Interview – 19:39Topic of the Month: Nightmare Realities – 37:00Dream Corp, LLC Discussion – 38:22Daniel Stessen and David Gries Interview – 39:25Spotlight of the Month: Saturday Night Live – 51:55Next Month Preview – 53:07

Episode 10: New Comedic Playgrounds – Johnny Pemberton, Matt Servitto, Desmin Borges

Son of Zorn Discussion – 5:04Johnny Pemberton Interview – 6:27Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell Discussion – 20:34Matt Servitto Interview – 21:44Topic of the Month: New Comedic Playgrounds – 48:30You’re the Worst Discussion – 49:29Desmin Borges Interview – 50:33Spotlight of the Month: Kenneth Choi of Last Man on Earth – 1:08:10Next Month Preview – 1:09:10

Episode 9: Everyone Is Broken – Jonathan Ames, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Tig Notaro

Blunt Talk Discussion – 4:20Jonathan Ames Interview – 5:52Fleabag Discussion – 23:39Phoebe Waller-Bridge Interview – 25:06Topic of the Month: Broken Protagonists – 41:10One Mississippi Discussion – 42:25Tig Notaro Interview – 43:20Spotlight of the Month: The Exorcist – 53:20Next Month Preview – 54:25

TV IV 2016:

TV IV Episode 8: Den of Geek’s Best of Comedy in Television in 2016

Discussion of the 16 Best TV Comedies of 2016

TV IV Episode 7: Fresh Perspectives – Chelsea Davison, Lee Pace, Blair Breard

madTV Discussion – 4:53Chelsea Davison Interview – 6:11Halt and Catch Fire Discussion – 53:08Lee Pace Interview –  54:48Topic of the Month: Fresh Perspectives – 1:14:55Better Things Discussion – 1:15:56Blair Breard Interview – 1:16:57Spotlight of the Month: Ash Vs. The Evil Dead  – 1:35:43Next Month Preview – 1:36:58

TV IV Episode 6: Eric Andre, James Urbaniak, Lisa Hanawalt

Difficult People Discussion – 6:56James Urbaniak Interview – 7:53The Eric Andre Show Discussion – 22:24Eric Andre Interview –  23:30Topic of the Month: Reality and Mental Illness – 32:20BoJack Horseman Discussion – 33:58Lisa Hanawalt Interview – 34:43Spotlights of the Month: Walton Goggins and The Night Of  – 53:34Next Month Preview – 55:24

TV IV Episode 5: Brad Neely, Jason Woliner, Duffer Brothers

Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio Discussion – 6:31Brad Neely and Daniel Weidenfeld Interview – 9:01Listener Mail – 24:09Dinner in America Discussion – 26:58Jason Woliner Interview – 27:50Topic of the Month: Season Lengths – 42:04Stranger Things Discussion – 45:08Duffer Brothers Interview – 46:01Spotlights of the Month: John C Reilly and UnREAL – 1:10:20Next Month Preview – 1:11:52

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TV IV Episode 4: Brett Gelman, Jessica Goldberg, Tim Heidecker

Brett Gelman’s Dinner in America Discussion – 3:37Brett Gelman Interview – 5:18The Path Discussion – 10:27Jessica Goldberg Interview – 11:56Theme of the Month: Shared Universes – 30:40Check It Out!/Decker Discussion – 33:46Tim Heidecker Interview – 34:36Spotlights of the Month: Maria Bamford and “One Man’s Trash” from The Chris Gethard Show – 40:50Next Month Preview – 42:53

TV IV Episode 3: Scott Aukerman, Matt Weitzman, Jon Daly

Comedy Bang Bang Discussion – 2:38Scott Aukerman Interview – 3:35American Dad Discussion – 29:17Matt Weitzman Interview – 31:20Theme of the Month: “Shoe Dropping” – 52:16Adult Swim Specials Discussion – 53:31Jon Daly Interview – 54:10Spotlight of the Month: Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) – 1:06:21Next Month Preview – 1:07:31

TV IV Episode 2: Lesley Arfin, Michael Mando, Britt Lower

Love Discussion – 2:53Lesley Arfin Interview – 5:52Better Call Saul Discussion – 25:15Michael Mando Interview – 28:00CW’s Riverdale and History Channel’s Night Class Discussion – 44:45Man Seeking Woman Discussion – 50:41Britt Lower Interview – 51:51Spotlight of the Month: Lamorne Morris (New Girl) – 1:03:05Next Month Preview – 1:04:17

TV IV Episode 1: David Cross, Jonathan Krisel, Jere Burns

Portlandia Discussion – 4:57Jonathan Krisel Interview – 8:12Todd Margaret Discussion – 25:33David Cross Interview – 28:09Airing Strategies Discussion – 50:50Angie Tribeca Discussion – 54:21Jere Burns Interview – 58:18Spotlight of the Month: The Grinder – 1:07:41Next Month Preview – 1:10:05