Transformers: Titans Return Trailer Arrives With Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime!

Check out the jaw-dropping trailer for Machinima's latest Transformers series.

As you’ve probably noticed, we live in an era that is an embarrasment of riches when it comes to all-things Transformers. Say what you will about Michael Bay’s film series, but their one undeniable success is how they have kept these characters in the public eye (well, those along with IDW’s stunning comics series and the various ongoing TV shows). So it’s not surprising then that the latest entry in Hasbro and Machinima’s Prime Wars trilogy is looking to stir up 1980s nostalgia while still solidly looking towards the future in Transformers: Titans Return.

Premiering on Verizon’s go90 network on November 14th, the impressively animated series includes voicework from such geeklebrities as Peter Cullen, reprising Optimus Prime again, natch, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers‘ Jason David Frank, and even Judd Nelson, whose participation here officially makes From the Hip canon in the Transformers universe. (Just kidding, he’s voicing Hot Rod, the character he debuted in 1986’s rousing yet throughly depressing due to the high body count Transformers: The Movie, again).

Still think this project doesn’t have the Touch, or the powerrrrrrrrrrrrr? (YEAH!) Then check out the following trailer:

Damn, this looks stunning. Yo, Starscream is pissed. The animation here is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, and for those who have a keen interest in Cybertronian politics, Optimus’ dread-filled declaration that “this is the beginning of the end” that closes out the trailer is a jaw-dropper. Will our heroes survive? Well, most likely yeah, as there is another series to come after this one. But something tells me this is going to have some The Empire Strikes Back-level pathos about it, fingers crossed.

Admittedly, I’m a bit biased as I pretty much spent the entirety of 1986 alternating between playing Activision’s (rightfully?) forgotten Transformers: The Battle to Save the Earth on my trusty old Commodore 64, watching the cartoon, and having nightmares that everyone I know would turn that weird shade of gray and die like Optimus Prime did in the movie. Uh, spoiler.  So what do you guys think, are you as psyched as I am about this. Also, why no Stan Bush music in this trailer? Discuss in the comments.

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