Top 7 New Doctor Who Episodes: our third winner

And so, in time for the big finish to season three, our lookback at the best episodes to date of the new Doctor Who comes to an end. With this one...

Blink. Joint-best episode of the new Who

In Joint First: BlinkNote: After much debate, we couldn’t separate the three Steven Moffat-penned stories, and have only mildly copped out by crowning all three of them out champions. The man is, bluntly, a genius.

Now most sum-ups of Who episodes we’ve run on this site to date have focused on the usual suspects: plot, writing, acting and bad jokes.

But we’ve neglected direction, and brilliant – no, inspired – as Blink is, it’s in this case enhanced by some sterling decision-making by Hettie Macdonald behind the camera.

Now I’m not familiar with Hettie Macdonald, and nor could I be bothered to head off to the IMDb to get the gen on her career. But what’s clear is this: give her a cracking script, and she can deliver gold.

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We’ve already got a standalone review of Blink on the site, so I don’t want to go into great deal, but this one is joint top of the pile for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s the scariest episode they’ve made yet. Possibly ever. There are some real jump-out-of-the-seat moments, some majestic use of things you see everyday, and a fair whack of finger gnawing. Heck, if my sofa wasn’t so damn comfy, maybe I would go and hide behind the damn thing.

Secondly, it proves that you don’t need the Doctor to make excellent Doctor Who. Sure, he helps, but occasionally you can take a step back and relegate him to the sidelines, and it does no harm. In this particular case, it works a treat.

Blink is brilliant. It’s based on a story that first appeared in the Doctor Who annual a few years’ back, and if that’s the case, I’d tell Russell T to stock up on back issues.

Meanwhile, there’s Mr Moffat. Appreciating that his three episodes have topped our unscientific poll, and appreciating that we’re coming across as more tragic fawning fanboys than usual, you still have to admit the man is a national treasure. I swear he could write an episode of Bagpuss and make something of it.

We salute you, sir, and must insist you get back to your word processor. Right now.

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