TNA’s Booking Gets Lazy on Impact

Another fake retirement angle and opening segment lack direction ...

Is this TNA’s thing now? The formula doesn’t seem to be changing when they open the show with a promo segment that features, what feels like, half the locker room. Tonight, Eddie Edwards opened the show, with subsequent interruptions from Eli Drake, ECIII and Mike Bennett. Oh, and then Moose came in to clean house.

I’m also not sure what this segment accomplished. Nothing was moved forward. They’re having some sort of tournament to determine a new No. 1 contender, and Drake is challenging Edwards on this show. This was just a lot of talking with nothing really happening other than everyone promising to win the World Title.

I’m not a fan of segments happening just to fill time. It felt like they tried to accomplish something with these 12 minutes, but nothing actually happened. There was no movement as far as the story goes. This 12 minutes could have been erased from the show, and it would have been no different. That’s a waste of television time. It’s something WWE falls victim to quite often with the number of television hours they need to fill on a weekly basis. For TNA, there should be no excuse. You have 120 minutes, minus commercials, per week. Use them wisely.

Another thing that I didn’t like on this show was the faked announcement from Gail Kim, where she was beaten up by Decay. Gail brought out Jade for an announcement, putting her over as the future of the division. Then, before she could make whatever announcement she had, Decay hit the ring and beat everyone up.

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It was a faked retirement angle, is what it was. WWE did this with Sasha Banks a few months ago, and I found it to be in poor taste then, too. When someone like Daniel Bryan, or Edge, had to make a real announcement like that, using that situation as fodder for a wrestling angle is lazy writing. Come up with something original.

1. Mike Bennett beat Moose via count-out

Well, they protected Moose with the count-out finish but it certainly feels like there’s been some wind taken out of his sails recently. There was a period where it felt like they were going to build to a really big Moose-Lashley match, but Moose is losing some steam. They protected him here with the finish, which tells me they still have some big plans for him, but he doesn’t feel like a dominant big man right now.

2. ECIII beat Abyss via submission

Good match with ECIII getting the win, as he should. I liked the new little wrinkle they showed here with ECIII winning via a submission and not a pinfall. They seemed to be bringing Decay back down to earth a little bit with this match, although we’ll see later in the show that maybe that’s not the case exactly.

3. Trevor Lee beat D.J. Z and Rockstar Spud in a three-way match

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It wouldn’t be an X-Division match without more than one person involved. This was a good way to get Lee into the match without D.J. Z getting hurt.

4. Lashley beat Robbie E & Grado in a handicap match

I didn’t like how much Lashley was selling in this match. Robbie E and Grado, no offense, are comedy characters and lower mid-card on the show. Lashley shouldn’t be selling for these guys. His “monster” feel has already taken some hits losing to a smaller wrestler like Edwards, twice. That’s OK. Not saying he shoudn’t lose to Edwards. But selling to Grado and Robbie E? That’s a bit much.

5. Eddie Edwards beat Eli Drake in a TNA World Title match

This was a really good match that seriously elevated Eli Drake, who looked completely legitimate in there against the champion. Now, you can argue what Edwards’ stock is as champion, where he’s still being booked as “the underdog” as late as last week, but this does do a lot to elevate Drake into the main-event picture. He has the mic skills to be there, no question, and no one seems to be talking about it but his in-ring work has been really good for the last year. He’s taken his game to new levels.

After the match, the DCC revealed themselves after beating up Edwards. It’s Bram, James Storm and a mystery person whose identity has not been revealed. 

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