TNA Impact Wrestling Ratings Show Life

TNA use this week’s Impact to build to what is an important episode next week …

TNA received some great news last week, with the Impact Wrestling viewership getting back to around where it was when the company premiered on the network earlier this year. That’s clearly a positive sign. The viewership was about half of what it was drawing on Spike TV last year, which is expected when you consider that Destination America is in about half the homes as Spike. The percentages work itself out.

TNA has built something that, honestly, I thought wasn’t possible with the Global Force Wrestling angle. They seem to be building an interest.

Next week is the big TNA vs. GFW match, and it could lead to more matches down the road. There are spoilers out there, but I don’t read them. Why ruin it? Because of that, the angle has built to a point where I legitimately have no idea what’s going to happen. There’s a number of ways they could do with the match next week, ranging from TNA winning clean and ending the angle to perhaps GFW winning the match, taking over the show, and then airing an episode of GFW Amped that Jeff Jarrett has in the can from a few weeks ago when they recorded in Las Vegas, similar to when WCW would take over an episode of Nitro from WCW back in the 90s.

TNA has a history over the past few years of messing up most of what it touches creatively, and the current product is far from perfect, but this is an angle that for now seems to be working, and working quite well, despite what many believed going into it.

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Match Results

1. Tyrus & ECIII beat Matt Hardy & Rockstar Spud

2. Robbie E., Michah & Tigre Uno beat Eli Drake, Kenny King & Jessie Godderz

3. Brooke beat Gail Kim via disqualification to retain the TNA Knockouts Title.

4. The Wolves beat Brian Myers & Trevor Lee to win the TNA Tag Team Titles.

5. Chris Mordetzky beat Drew Galloway to give Team GFW the man advantage in Lethal Lockdown next wek.

Quick Strikes

1. The opening tag match was a solid match to open the show. They did a nice job playing up Jeff Hardy’s role as a man stuck in the middle now that he’s ECIII’s assistant. Usually angles where someone is an assistant or servant just doesn’t get over in 2015. It’s an old gimmick. This was executed fine, though.

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2. The six-man tag was an okay match but it was set up a bit oddly. Matches used to have meaning and some back-story. This was set up as the show crashed to break in the previous segment, and that match was all said and done less than 11 minutes later. Longer-term booking could help some of TNA’s character development. It’s difficult to do that, though, when the show is centered on two promotions feuding.

3.  TNA is doing its best to get Lei’D Tapa over as a monster, and she’s on a collision course with Awesome Kong not long from now, it would appear. It was interesting to see Kong not only focus on clearing Tapa from the ring, but also posing with the Knockouts Title. I wonder if TNA was doing a bit of foreshadowing there.

4. Really good match between the Wolves and Myers/Lee, particularly with the spots at the beginning. On the surface, this quick title change over the course of just one week doesn’t seem to make much sense – it doesn’t really give the GFW roster a boost if they lose a week later – but there’s still more to play out it seems.

5. This Young-Melendez stuff still isn’t working. The same as it was two weeks ago, this was a cringeworthy segment that made the viewer feel more uncomfortable than anything else. WWE and TNA can’t be booking segments that would make wrestling fans embarassed to have the show on if non-fans were in the room. This EY-Melendez stuff with EY stealing his leg is the type of embarrassing stuff that I know would make me want to change the channel if a non-fan was in the room while I had it on. It’s the type of angle that would make non-fans roll their eyes at the product.

The Finish

This week’s show was more about preparing the viewer for next week, and that’s fine. Not every show needs to be filled with big happenings. There wasn’t a lot of news here, other than the Tag Title change and Young’s involvement in the main event, but it was still a good maintenance show to set up next week.

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