TNA Impact Wrestling Puts A Rivalry to Bed

TNA put its rivalry with GFW to bed on Wednesday, with Team TNA winning the main event lethal lockdown match …

It’s over. TNA will go back to being TNA and GFW will return to whatever it’s going to be doing, with a few months of 500,000 viewers on its product now in its back pocket.

Team TNA won the lethal lockdown main event on Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling, which awarded Dixie Carter full shares of TNA. She put those shares up against Jeff Jarrett’s shares in the match (for storyline).

TNA now moves on to next week, and what will likely be a short build to its Bound for Glory pay-per-view on Oct. 4. 

Looking back, TNA did gain some steam from the GFW angle. It was an opportunity for them to feature Drew Galloway and elevate him to a main-event spot, where in that company he really should be. It was clearly a win for GFW, which as a new brand got to feature its wrestlers and its brand in front of half a million people on a weekly basis. 

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The biggest winner is Galloway, though. Now is the time for TNA to take him to the bank. He was considered a rising star in WWE before his career was derailed by management because of a reported incident involving his then girlfriend, and former wife, Taryn Terrell. She was arrested at a California hotel, he wasn’t, and yet his push had the brakes slammed on it.

TNA has taken chances on many former WWE stars over the years, and they’ve never really had the ability to take advantage of under-utilized WWE talent. They’ve done a tremendous job with Ethan Carter III, though his character has some flaws to it — he tries to be too funny for me as a heel — and Galloway could be the next guy to get that treatment. 

Really, who else does TNA have?

Galloway led the TNA charge in its rise against GFW. He was the face of that team and he scored the winning pinfall in the match. Now that the GFW talent is off the show, it’s going to leave some huge holes in the broadcast. That main-event angle needs to be filled. For now, I’m expecting TNA to elevate the Hardy-ECIII angle, but Galloway needs to be there, and soon.

Match Results

1. Mahabli Shera beat Abyss 

2. Gail Kim beat Brooke, Lei’D Tapa and Awesome Kong to win the TNA Knockouts TItle

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3. Team TNA (Drew Galloway, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, Bram and Bobby Lashley) beat Team GFW (Jeff Jarrett, Brian Myers, Eric Young, Chris Mordetzky and Sonjay Dutt), awarding Dixie Carter full control of TNA Wrestling. 

Quick Strikes

1. I wasn’t a fan of the Shera-Abyss match. They made Shera look silly by dancing to the ring, and then getting hit from behind by Abyss after trying to make him dance, and turning his back on him. The finish didn’t help get Shera over, either. He won due to Storm’s inept outside interference.

2. The Knockouts Title match was a very good match and the finish was very well done, reminiscent of the British Bulldog pinning Bret Hart at SummerSlam in 1992, hooking the leg on the sunset flip and falling forward. It looked similar to Bulldog catching Hart’s leg on the victory roll in that match and getting the pin.

3. It was somewhat of wasted opening segment of the show. The contract signing wasn’t entirely necessary, unless there is an angle to play out later in the show with the actual briefcase and paperwork. At this point, everyone knows the match and contract signings are so over-done. It seems a bit unrealistic that a match they have been advertising for weeks didn’t have the contract signed until the night of the match? 

4. The ECIII-Jeff Hardy angle feels a lot like Big Show in 2013, when he was a the whipping boy for The Authority, with the story being that he needed the job and had to do what The Authority said. I didn’t buy it then, and I’m not now.

5. It was certainly awkward for TNA to have Bram as its savior in this match, considering he was arrested on felony domestic violence charges after these tapings wrapped. Really, it would seem TNA had no choice here other than to let the show play out as it was recorded. What’s the alternative? Scrap the angle? Scrap the match? There’s no editing humanly possible that could make it work as it was taped, if they wanted Bram out of the match. I don’t think TNA will use Bram moving forward, and this was probably a good spot for him to elevate himself as the “savior” for TNA in this match, but it’s now likely something won’t be followed up on – and with good reason – if TNA wins this match. Overall, they did a nice job editing the match so that he was there, and not really featured. They were lucky that he didn’t score the pin or do anything that really led to the finish of the match.

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The Finish

This was billed as a one-match show, and that one match delivered. It told a basic, but interesting story with TNA having to overcome the odds. Gail Kim winning the Knockouts Title was a nice surprise and it was also a really good match. We’ll see where TNA goes from here now that GFW and Jarrett are gone. The ECIII-Hardy angle has been underneath for the last several weeks and it’s safe to assume that it comes to the forefront. Also, with Galloway getting the win for TNA in this match, it’s safe to assume that he’s in for a big push. It’s less than a month until Bound for Glory, so TNA needs to begin the build to that show very quickly.