TNA Impact Wrestling: Dixie Carter Returns

Dixie Carter made her return to TNA on Wednesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, leaving a big cliffhanger for next week’s episode …

Dixie Carter hasn’t been seen on TNA television since Bully Ray drove her through a table last August. That move legitimately hurt the TNA owner. On Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling Carter made her return, confronting her storyline nephew, Ethan Carter III, who won the TNA World Title on last week’s show.

Carter said she was disappointed in how ECIII had handled himself in recent weeks, and that the nephew she speaks to on the phone every week isn’t the same person she sees on TV. Dixie blurred the lines between storyline and reality, talking a lot about the “mistakes” she made running TNA, which speaks to her history as a heel on television but also touches on some real truth in that critics believe Carter’s mismanagement of the company has led it to the point where Destination America could cancel Impact, and leave TNA’s future very much in doubt.

Carter ended her segment by telling ECIII that Impact needs someone in charge, and she knows who it should be, but it wasn’t her or ECIII. The tease being that we would find out that new authority figure on next week’s Impact.

It was a good segment, but still left some glaring holes in the writing. First, if Dixie knew that ECIII had been acting improperly on TV for the last several weeks, why did she give him the keys to the castle on last night’s episode? At the top of the show, ECIII said his “Aunt Dee” put him in charge of booking last night’s Impact. Seemed weird, if she’s truly a babyface, that she would do that while acknowledging how poorly ECIII had been acting in the show’s final segment.

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The fear is that this could lead back to a story where Dixie is a focal point as a heel authority figure. That’s not good for anyone, least not TNA.

TNA also continues to have a hard time branding it’s show. Is it TNA or Impact Wrestling? Dixie said that Impact needs someone in charge and earlier in the show, Josh Mathews called Bram the “most dangerous man on the Impact roster.” Well is it the TNA roster? It’s a small detail but a very confusing one, that was both brought up in that segment as well as Dixie’s final speech.

Match Results

1. The Dirty Heels def. Matt Hardy in a handicap match

2. Drew Galloway def. The Rising in a handicap match

3. Mr. Anderson def. Bram via DQ

4. Jessie Godderz def. Robbie E in a street fight via ref stoppage

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5. TNA World Hvt. Champion ECIII def. Norv Fernum to retain the TNA World Title

6. TNA World Hvt. Champion ECIII def. Shark Boy to retain the TNA World Title

7. Bobby Lashley def. Tyrus

8. Velvet Sky def. Madison Rayne

9. Kurt Angle def. TNA World Hvt. Champion ECIII via DQ. ECIII retained the TNA World Title

Quick Strikes

1. There was a very emotional promo from Drew Galloway, where he talked about TNA and pro wrestling being around long after he’s retired and dead. This was in one of those shoot/work gray areas. Galloway was talking about The Rising, but he was also very much addressing the rumors that TNA is facing its imminent demise. Aside from the content of his promo, the delivery was excellent. You don’t see pure emotion like that often in a scripted era.

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2. Robbie E and Jessie Godderz use clever use of the chair for the submission in their match. The rest of this match was your typical walking brawl with typical weapons. Very typical street fight, but a new finish, which was good. Godderz locked in an Adonis Crab while sitting on the chair, pinning Robbie underneath him. It was at least something we haven’t seen before.

3. The second part to the Jeff Jarrett interview was not good at all, and left more questions than answers. Other than learning the King of the Mountain Title is going to Global Force Wrestling, we didn’t learn much about the TNA-GFW relationship. Jarrett plugged what GFW was, but sidestepped the question on their relationship with TNA, other than to say, “it’s a work in progress.”

Jarrett rambled in the answer about his legacy. He wasn’t even making sense for part of it, but I get the gist. He was basically saying he hopes his legacy is putting together a great team in the early days of TNA, I think. But, most of those guys are gone now. So, what does that say about his legacy?

The Finish

An OK show. The Robbie-Godderz match was solid and there were some good promos, specifically from Galloway and even Dixie, whose performance generally leaves something to be desired.