TNA Impact Wrestling Botched Their Own Main Event

TNA and Destination America need to get their houses in order after spoiling Impact main event …

It’s almost unfathomable, in 2015, that something like this could happen. On the most recent installment of Impact Wrestling, Kurt Angle challenged Eric Young and Bobby Roode in a three-way match to determine the No. 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. This match was taped weeks ago, but if you’re like me, you’ve avoided spoiler reports and prefer to ingest the product as it appears on my television.

So you can imagine my shock when, in the middle of the show, Destination America advertises Bobby Lashley defending his TNA World Heavyweight Title on the March 20 episode … against Kurt Angle. That’s right, Destination America, or TNA, or both, spoiled the result of their own main event before it aired on television!

That’s an unforgivable sin, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not merely a simple mistake that can be looked over moving forward. Movies don’t give away their ending in the middle of the film, and I’ve never seen a network television drama run an advertisement for the next week’s show, spoiling a plot in the middle of an episode.

It’s unthinkable that something like this could happen.

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I’m more apt to believe this was a problem on the network’s end, and not TNA’s, but we’ll never know for sure. The most likely scenario is that TNA cut the ad to run after this week’s episode, and someone at the network just messed it up.

Generally speaking, I’ve been a huge fan of how Destination America has handled TNA. The production values have been just as good as Spike TV, and arguably better when comparing to the dying days of TNA on Spike, when it was more of a stripped-down show. Impact is Destination America’s top program. We’ve been over this before. TNA went from being the redheaded stepchild on Spike, to the new toy that everyone wants to get their hands on at Destination America. It’s also the network’s top-rated program.

But the irresponsibility to air that ad made me want to crawl out of my skin.

Is it a sign of a bigger underlying issue at Destination America or TNA? Not likely. But it’s an embarrassing gaffe for whoever is responsible, and one that in its infancy on the network, TNA would be better off avoiding. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe when I finally watch the new season of House of Cards, they’ll run a little snippet in the first episode to tell me that two episodes down the line, someone is dying. Maybe it’s a new trend in television.

Yeah … not likely.

Quick Strikes

1) Bram continues to look like a monster after beating Matt Hardy. There seems to be something budding here with Bram, who will eventually tackle Magnus in a singles match. But Bram could be rebuilt as a top heel if he continues down this path. If TNA takes it slow, progressing it for a year or more, he could be contending a babyface for the World Title next summer. He’s really coming along well.

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2) It’s good to see The Wolves back and again reigning as TNA Tag Team Champions. They’re the best tag team in the company, one of the best in the world, and anything else at this point would have seemed unrealistic. If TNA could every pry The Young Bucks back from Ring of Honor … oh what a feud that would be. They could really build on what they had in ROH a few years ago.

3) Similar to what was mentioned regarding Bram above, Drew Galloway also continues to shine in his short time with TNA. We wrote it when he debuted, WWE dropped the ball with this guy. TNA has a chance to pick it up and run over the finish line.

Match Results

1) Drew Galloway def. Kenny King

2) Bram def. Matt Hardy

3) Taryn Terrell (c) def. Awesome Kong via DQ in a Knockouts Title Match

4) The Wolves def. The Revolution (c) to win the Tag Team Titles

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5) Kurt Angle def. Eric Young & Bobby Roode to become the No. 1 contender for the TNA World Title

The Finish

There will be some backlash to Angle becoming No. 1 contender given his injury history, but he’s still one of the biggest stars in TNA. At this point, ROH might be nearing No. 2 territory in the United States. It’s closer than you would think. TNA has more television clearance but ROH is on in several top markets and is running regular pay-per-views, which TNA is no longer in the business of doing.

So that said, featuring Angle, a well-known commodity, is smart if they’re doing it the right way. Angle against Matt Hardy isn’t going to do anyone favors. Angle against some of TNA’s original talents, or at least non-WWE talents, is smart. The one guy Angle could get away feuding with in TNA that is a former WWE star is probably Bobby Lashley, who has a similar background and Angle and Lashley never really met in WWE. Same with MVP.