Tim Curry’s Stroke Major, But’s He’s Recovering at Home; Can Speak, Might Sing

Tim Curry is recovering after suffering a major stroke last night. Curry’s agent said he’s back at home recovering and, contrary to earlier reports, he has not lost his ability to speak.

According to published reports, Tim Curry is recovering at home after suffering a major stroke last night. Curry’s agent said, contrary to earlier reports, he has not lost his ability to speak.

Tim Curry’s stroke happened last night at his LA home. Sources say Tim Curry’s stroke was a major one, but he is expected to recover fully. Marcia Hurwitz, Tim Curry’s long-time agent, told the press that “Tim is doing great. He absolutely can speak and is recovering at this time and in great humor.”

The 67-year-old star, who is best known for his role as the gender-bending Dr. Frank N. Furter in the 1975 cult musical The Rocky Horror Show, and Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King’s It, had to pull out of a British production of Tom Stoppard’s “Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead” last year after suffering a chest infection and a series of asthma attacks.

Tim Curry first appeared on stage in the London production of Hair, which also featured Richard O’Brien, who would write the play The Rocky Horror Show. Curry originally auditioned for the role of Rocky, but after a spirited version of Little Richard Penniman’s classic rocker “Tutti Frutti,” he landed the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter, the sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania. Curry played the butler in comic cult classic Clue as well as such films as Three Men in a Boat, The Shout and Legend, Oscar and Times Square, where he played a cult DJ. Curry originated the role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the 1980 Broadway production of Amadeus and the role of King Arthur in Spamalot. Curry also did voices for animated shows as The Wild Thornberries, The Mighty Ducks and Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius as well as voicing all the victims on the cult TV cartoon Duckman, which starred Jason Alexander from Seinfeld. Curry recorded several albums, including “Read My Lips,” “Fearless” and “Simplicity.” His early 80s celebrity-spewing coke-friendly song “I Do the Rock” made the charts.

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