There’s a Frinkiac for Rick and Morty Now

Gif and meme it up to your heart’s content, Morty! It’s fun, Morty!

You know The online classic Simpsons screengrab compendium that lets you search for any line from the show and then make a meme or gif out of the results? Well, what if I told you the same fellows behind that quintessential bit of internet have turned their talents to Rick and Morty?!

Yeah, that’s right. The website is called Master of All Science (a pretty sly reference that, if I’m honest, I had to Google). You can now meme and gif the hell out of every single episode of Rick and Morty and, according to their FAQ, they’re going to keep updating it to include the new episodes, so in time we can fill the entire internet up with this nonsense! Rick and Morty forever, 100 terabytes Rick and Morty.

Believe it or not, someone thought of a site like this already. I believe this website,, came first. But, sorry to say, the caption text doesn’t look as cool, it doesn’t allow you to make gifs that are nearly as long, and it isn’t as up to date with new episodes. Sorry, Master of All Science for the win.

Watch below as we count down the Jokes Per Minute in Rick and Morty season 3!

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