The X-Files Revival “Wraps Up A lot of Questions” Says Science Advisor

The science advisor behind The X-Files spoke on the revival and her involvement with the show...

If you’re looking for X-Files spoilers, don’t expect Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and especially Chris Carter to let details slip. Some of the best information to come out about the revival is from recurring actors, production talent and people who shouldn’t be tweeting when they’re not supposed to.

As for the people who are allowed to talk, there’s an new interview up that X-Files fans need to check out. Speaking with Motherboard, Anne Simon, the X-Files science advisor and author of The Real Science Behind the X-Files, shed light on the science behind the show and gave fans a glimpse into the revival.

Simon, a virologist and professor of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland, is a long-time family friend of Chris Carter. After watching the show from the first episode, she realized that the Chris Carter she knew from way back was the executive producer of The X-Files and halfway through the first season they connected. Simon’s contributed to many aspects of the more grounded science behind the show, but her favorite memory was helping create a monster.

I was sitting in Chris’ trailer and I was telling him about these fruit flies that had legs coming out of their heads or out of their mouths,” she said. “He wrote an entire episode around it—and that is my favorite episode, the black-and-white episode (“The Post-Modern Prometheus”).”

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Simon is back to help keep the revival on par with the work they did over nine seasons and two films. She was in Vancouver during the filming of episode four and let’s just say she’s a bit excited about the episode.

“It’s not a science episode, per se, but it may end up being people’s favorite episode of all time. It was that good and it was that much fun.”

A bold statement, but nonetheless encouraging for X-Files fans who hope to have their questions answered.

“This episode six that’s in its final stages right now is, in my opinion, extremely scary,” Simon said. “I’m coming up with the ideas for it and I’m scared reading the script!”

“[Episode 6] connects with the earlier series really well. It’s not like this is coming out of the blue. It’s a way to wrap up a lot of the questions. Fans of the earlier seasons will really like it. There’s a lot of science in it and the science is very scary. Driving home, I had this incredibly good idea—because Chris had asked me to come up with something, and in all modesty, I believe I’ve outdone myself. So I’m really excited, I can’t wait to see the final script—and I can’t wait to see the actual show.”

Head over to Motherboard for the full interview.

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