The Whole Truth with Sunny Hostin Gets Green Light from ID

ABC News and The View co-host Sunny Hostin will brings The Whole Truth about America's most vicious homicides to ID.

The Whole Truth with Sunny Hostin

Half truths don’t fly with Sunny Hostin. The former federal prosecutor and victims’ rights advocate knows there is often more to open in closed cases. Hostin broke down the Bernie Madoff scandal, the George Zimmerman trial, the unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore, the AME church shooting in Charleston and the Bill Cosby rape allegations to fill in the cracks, and tie off loopholes. Investigation Discovery gave the green light to The Whole Truth With Sunny Hostin for a six-episode run.

The Emmy-nominated co-host of The View and the Emmy-winning Senior Legal Correspondent for ABC News will take audiences from crime scene, to gathering the evidence, to the trial, providing valuable closure for those left behind.

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“I have spent my career trying to tell the stories of the voiceless and the forgotten and being able to use what I have learned during my career as a federal prosecutor and my passion for journalism and storytelling to shed light on these complex, multi-dimensional and powerful cases is an opportunity of a lifetime,” Hostin said in a statement.

Sunny witnessed two jarring crimes against her own family members while growing up in the South Bronx, igniting a lifelong career pursuing justice. Combining her experience as a tenured journalist and her 12-year career as an undefeated federal prosecutor, Hostin will explore the stories behind some of the nation’s most controversial homicides. Hostin steps into these stories, and into the world of those who were most affected, showing how achieving closure always begins with finding the truth.

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Sunny “is the ultimate triple threat,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, Destination America and American Heroes Channel. “A great journalist, top prosecutor and a woman whose personal background gives her special insight and compassion into these tragic stories.   This unique constellation of skills, experience and character along with her advocacy for those who are most vulnerable, is at the heart of this series. “

During each hour-long episode, Hostin will give a full examination of the cases, starting with a vist with the victims’ families. She will go through thethe evidence with the law enforcement and forensic experts who were first assigned to the case, hoping to provide a fresh perspective. Hostin discuss the findings with the prosecutors and defense attorneys who guided the cases to their final conclusion, where justice was ultimately served. 

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Sunny Hostin began her career as an appellate law clerk after graduating from Notre Dame Law School. She went on to become a trial attorney for the Justice Department and a federal prosecutor. During her time as Assistant U.S. Attorney, Sunny was awarded the Special Achievement Award by Attorney General Janet Reno for her prosecution of child sexual predators.

The Whole Truth With Sunny Hostin will premiere on Investigation Discovery in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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