The Walking Dead Season 9: Whisperers Confirmed As Villains

The Walking Dead Season 9 has cast Samantha Morton as Alpha, meaning some recent comic villains will be joining the show.

The following contains potential spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9.

Do you hear the whispers? They’re on the way. That’s right, at today’s Walking Dead San Diego Comic-Con panel, it was confirmed that Samantha Morton has been cast to play The Walking Dead Season 9 villain Alpha. That means Alpha’s crew, the Whisperers, will also be Season 9’s central villains.

Rick Grimes and company just spent the better part of two seasons dispatching Negan and the Saviors and in season 9 after a brief time jump, there is just going to be another round of villains waiting for them? Yep. It’s a rough world. At least the Whisperers are interesting in concept if not always execution. Here is what we had to say about them in our New Beginning preview.

The Whisperers are a group of individuals who have chosen to survive the zombie apocalypse by becoming the dead. They remove the flesh and viscera of corpses and wrap it around themselves as gruesome coats and masks. This is the strategy of masking one’s scent from the walking dead that Rick and the other characters sometimes use. The Whisperers, however, take it to the absolute extreme – living most of their lives within those undead “costumes.”

The Whisperers will offer a fascinating new dynamic for the show. Their “society” is somewhat bestial and completely amoral, similar to the TV show’s “The Wolves.” They eschew names altogether. Their leader, a middle-aged woman, is named “Alpha.” And her second-in-command, a hulking seven-foot tall man, is called “Beta.”

The casting of Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers is spot on. Samantha Morton is not only an excellent actress that carries a lot of gravity. But we also know she can pull off a shaved head thanks to Minority Report.

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If heroes like Rick Grimes arne’t going to stick around, at least The Walking Dead is still going to keep trying to find a compelling villain.