The Walking Dead Season 5: 9 Moments From the Comics We Need to See on TV

Here are 9 moments from the Walking Dead comics that we need to see on TV...

the walking dead ezekiel

The Walking Dead, both comic and show, is filled with moments that have regularly shocked readers into stunned submission. Whether its decapitation, dismemberment, torture, zombies gnawing on flesh, or something far, far worse, the series never seems to stop amazing us with its sheer brutality. You could almost call it snuff.

Still, there are plenty of instances in which Robert Kirkman and friends have expertly pushed the shock factor to 11. Headed towards the fifth season, we suspect that won’t change. 

Season 5, for reasons we’ll get to below, seem to promise us a whole new kind of enemy — and a chance for the showrunners to get McCarthy-ian with there approach. Of course, that would put Judith in WAY too much danger for cable TV series. But rest assured, the Hunters are coming…It’s a storyline from the comics we were definitely hoping the showrunners would roll with.

As the long wait for the new season continues (and it’s almost over!), we’ve decided to share a list of our favorite moments in the comics that should make their way into the TV show:

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Spoilers ahoy! Seriously…

Walking Dead Comics

1. Rick Needs a Hand

The Walking Dead #28

When readers first met the Governor, it was clear that there was something off. Just how psychotic the one eyed despot was became clear as he coldly, suddenly, and gleefully cut off Rick’s hand. This moment set up the Governor as the world’s biggest villain but also gave Rick a shocking vulnerability. Rick is the backbone of the group, (remember in the comic, there is no Daryl and at this point Michonne just joined) so as Rick lies bleeding without his hand, it begs the question, how will his group survive without their savior intact?

Odds It Will Happen?

Not good. The hand removal thing was already played perfectly with Merle, so doing it again with Rick would just seem like a retread. Having a physical handicap did serve to make comic Rick a more internally strong character, something the show is doing differently by having Rick battle severe mental illness. Plus, the Governor is deader than dirt, thank the Lord above. Perhaps the next villain will establish himself by making Rick stumpy. 

Walking Dead Comics

2. Negan and Lucille

The Walking Dead #100

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If the Governor is The Walking Dead’s Joker, Negan is the book’s Ra’s Al Ghul. Negan is the anti-Rick, a character that uses violence as a means rather than an end. He loves to intimidate and cause pain to others, all in the name of bringing his people, the Saviors, a better life. He revels in the violence he causes with his signature weapon: a barbed wire baseball bat named Lucille. He exists to see others suffer in order to spread the message of his Saviors.He is a sadist, gleefully cruel, and his arrival to the show would mean very, very bad things for Rick’s group, particularly Glenn. The war with Negan is very similar to the war with the Governor, except the Governor’s people just wanted to survive, while Negan’s group has a very master race type vibe that reeks of social Darwinism and small scale post-apocalyptic imperialism.

Odds It Will Happen?

Very good. Some of the survivors have already made up their mind to head to Washington D.C. by the end of season 4. Many feel that Eugene Porter, the scientist with a mullet, is the last hope for mankind. Apparently he has a cure. Do we believe that? Well…But on their way to D.C., the survivors will undoubtedly run into the Alexandira Safe-Zone, where the worst of their troubles lay in wait. And with the Governor gone, the show will need a new antagonist. Plus, the arrival of Negan will lead to one of The Walking Dead’s most signature and polarizing characters, Ezekiel! 

Ezekiel The Walking Dead

3. Ezekiel and Shiva

The Walking Dead #108

Like any great villain, Negan comes with a built-in adversary. Ezekiel is the leader of a community of survivors called The Kingdom, and he possesses a seething hatred of Negan and the Saviors.

The war between the two groups can be considered a holy war between two pseudo-religious leaders. Ezekiel becomes an ally to Rick in the struggle against Negan and is a fascinating character in his own right. He has a light flirtatious relationship with Michonne and lives to see the day Negan falls.

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Bringing Ezekiel into the show is a must, as he acts as a great foil for Negan, and is a dynamic and rich character…And he has a freakin’ tiger. Shiva, the tiger in question, is the one being that Ezekiel loves most in the world.

The question is, can viewers of the show buy a domesticated tiger in the usually grounded (other than, y’know, the zombies) world of The Walking Dead? One would have to believe a tiger tearing apart zombies would just up the cool factor to eleven, but if not handled perfectly, it could be a jumping the shark moment that would change that tired phrase to jumping the tiger.

Odds It Will Happen?

Very good. Negan is a must, and there can’t be one without the other. Shiva would be hard to sell, but handled in the right way, a man and his tiger cutting a swath of destruction through hordes of undead could be the show’s defining moment. And honestly, we’ve seen enough ridiculous zombie/human deaths on this show to know that AMC isn’t afraid to be bold. We suspect we’ll see that tiger by late season 6.

Carl the walking dead eye

4. Eye Can’t Believe They Did That

The Walking Dead #83

So young Carl seems to be quite the bullet magnet. During a zombie invasion on the community of Alexandria, poor Carl is hit by friendly fire, taking out his eye and part of his face. The Grimes boy is made of stern stuff, as he again survives the ordeal and even grows some more hair on his chest as a result. In the comic, this moment was Carl’s true loss of childhood. Plus, Carl now looks super badass with an eye patch, like a little Bizarro Governor who uses his anger for good.

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Odds It Will Happen?

Not too good, as it’s hard to imagine a kid losing a good chunk of his face to a stray bullet on television. The Walking Dead seems to be comfortable breaking taboos, but that kind of bodily atrocity done to a child might be a bit much. Besides, in the comic, this is the inciting moment that leads Carl to leave his childhood behind, something that has already been covered in the show, as Carl is one of the most badass zombie killers in the group.

walking dead comics the hunters

5. A Different Type of Flesh Eater

The Walking Dead #61

One of the darker story arcs in the comic is the introduction of the Hunters, a group of cannibals who ate their own children and justified it as the new natural order of the world. Rick and company run afoul of the Hunters which led to the death of Dale. To avenge Dale, Rick and the crew resort to a brutal revenge killing of the Hunters, an act which shows how tightly knit our group of survivors has become.

Odds It Will Happen?

Absolutely, this is happening in some way, shape, or form. Whether the Terminus clan are actually the Hunters or the cannibals are a separate group altogether, this will undoubtedly be the main storyline in season 5. Exhibit A: the tagline is “Hunt or Be Hunted.” That couldn’t be more overt if Michonne smacked us across the face with it like a dismembered zombie leg. Exhibit B: the introduction of Father Gabriel. Right before the group becomes the Hunters’ new food source, Rick and his peeps meet the tortured Father Gabriel and hole up in his church. There will undoubtedly be a last stand scene at the church. Who will be the Hunters victim now that Dale is dead? Our best are on Tyreese, whose storyline is pretty much over. Gotta cut that fat, AMC.

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the walking dead comics

6. Julie and Chris (Sasha and Bob?), Bonded by Death

The Walking Dead #14-15

When readers first met Tyreese, he had his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris in tow. They seemed stable enough, with Chris and Julie constantly going off to do what young people do during times of crisis… make sweet love.

Things turn ugly, as they are wont to do in The Walking Dead world, when the couple forms a suicide pact and tries to off each other. Stupid, stupid Chris botches it and kills Julie, but can’t find it in him to off himself, so a devastated Tyreese does it for him.

If that isn’t shocking enough, this is the moment the group also discovers that it’s not the zombie bite that causes the zombie infection but death itself, as the newly risen Julie goes after her father. This is the moment where the book throws out established zombie tropes and informs the reader that they are in a new world with new rules.

Odds It Will Happen?

Almost nil, as the truth of the zombie virus has already been revealed and poor, impressionable Julie has been replaced by Tyreese’s capable younger sister Sasha. Sasha is brilliantly tough and would never off herself in an ill-conceived tryst.

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Sasha and Bob’s new relationship could be a replacement for Julie and Chris, of course. At some point, they might lose hope and decide to off themselves. We know that Bob is a bit weak-willed, so who knows if he’ll be able to go through with it after Sasha is gone. This is a pretty shocking moment in the comics and would make for a hopeless end to season 5.

7. The Death of Glenn

The Walking Dead #100

Pregnancy is a bad sign in The Walking Dead. When Maggie reveals tht she’s pregnant, Glenn decides to step away from the war with Negan and keep his family safe. Of course, any time new life springs up in the series, that means someone else is gonna face the music. Unfortunately for Glenn, the music comes in the form of a bat named Lucille. Negan ambushes the group, lines everyone up, and states that they must sacrifice someone in retribution for the Saviors Rick and friends have killed in their bloody war. 

Negan seems to choose Glenn at random, and in front of all of his friends and family, bashes his head open with the bat, which is covered in barbed wire. What proceeds is one of the cruelest, most sadistic moments in the series. We even watch one of Glenn’s eyeballs pop out of its socket…Hell of a way to celebrate the 100th issue.

Odds It Will Happen?

While we have a feeling this won’t happen for a while, Glenn’s days are absolutely numbered (aren’t everyone’s?). This would be a big ending to season 6 or 7. Glenn has already escaped death several times on the show (if things go according to the comic, Glenn will face his almost-doom once again in season 5), and we don’t think he can keep getting lucky for much longer.

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8. Eugene, the Bloody Liar

The Walking Dead #67

When things get as bad as they do in The Walking Dead, you’re probably willing to believe anything. But really, a CURE to the virus? The survivors end up placing all their bets on Eugene Porter, the “military scientist” who allegedly know how to solve the world’s zombie problem. Of course, none of that is true. The high school science teacher is just using the story to gain the survivors’ protection. The group makes the trek to Washington D.C., which Eugene claims is a safe haven. On their way, they run into the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and the rest, as they say, is history.

You can imagine how pissed and depressed Rick is when he finally outs the savior with a mullet. This was a nice little Kirkman moment, though, which reminded us that things will probably always be f***ed up on The Walking Dead. Don’t expect any happy endings. 

Odds It Will Happen?

This will likely happen somewhere at the end of season 5 or as a midseason finale for season 6. There’s no way Eugene has a cure on the show. He’s pretty much useless, walking around being super lame and shooting holes in Abraham’s army truck. Screw this guy.

Walking Dead Comics Lori and Baby death

9. Dale Didn’t Have the Legs (But Maybe Someone Else Will)

The Walking Dead #62-66

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Dale got the short end of the stick on the show, didn’t he? But I guess it was for the best compared to his fate in the comics. He had both of his legs amputated, one of them eaten by cannibals, and was bitten by a zombie. The Hunters didn’t know that, as they munched on the human flesh. Dale gets the last laugh when he informs the cannibals that they just ate tainted zombie meat. They proceed to beat the crap out of him before Rick and the group murder all the human flesh eaters and rescue Dale. By then, it’s too late, of course. Nothing to do for the guy but wait for his imminent death.

Odds It Will Happen?

Half and half. This is such a crazy moment in the comics, and an opportunity to send out a survivor as a pseudo-zombified martyr against a ruthless enemy. Although Dale is dead on the show and the amputation stuff already happened to the poor, late Hershel, that doesn’t mean another survivor won’t be The Hunters’ dinner. Our best are on Tyreese, but it could just as easily be someone else. Perhaps it will be Carol, who’s been walking the sacrificial path since the beginning of season 4. She believes that we needs to be done needs to be done. It would make a lot of sense for her character, as much as we love her. Either way, not using this plot twist will be a missed opportunity.

Any other moments from the comics you’re dying to see on the show? Let us know in the comments section!

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