The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Joins Netflix Sci-Fi Film Okja

Netflix film Okja adds Steven Yeun to a cast that's quite impressive for a movie about a giant genetically altered pig.

Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead were left in the lurch wondering if Steven Yeun’s character Glenn had just met the same barbed-wire-bat-battered fate as his original comic book counterpart. However, they might be even more alarmed by the film roles that the actor has been taking as of late. While his latest gig is a movie about an enormous genetically modified pig, it will put him alongside some rather big names.  

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Yeun has jumped aboard the Netflix original feature Okja. However, despite being an original regular from AMC’s television ratings powerhouse The Walking Dead, Yeun won’t be the most recognizable name in that film’s cast by a longshot. Indeed, Okja has already corralled an impressive cast consisting of Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and Lily Collins. Rounding out the group are Devon Bostwick (The 100), Byun Heebong (The Host), Shirley Henderson (Anna Karenina), Daniel Henshall (The Babadook), Choi Wooshik (Set Me Free) and Yoon Je Moon (Mother).

Okja, which began production on April 2, is directed and written by filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, whose reputation in the South Korean film scene for bleak horror/suspense thrillers like The Host and Mother was parlayed in 2013 with the post-apocalyptic frosty train-car thriller Snowpiercer. Starring Chris Evans, Ed Harris, John Hurt and Tilda Swinton (who returns for Bong in Okja), the film, adapted from a French graphic novel, managed to attain cross-continental appeal thanks to the help of VoD and is being adapted as a televisions series.   

Okja follows a girl (Seohyun An) who befriends a genetically-modified experimental pig that eventually grows to an enormous size. However, the corporation who created her newfound oinking acquaintance whisks the animal away, inciting her to go on a mission to reclaim the giant piggy pal. Where Yeun’s unnamed character falls into the equation remains to be seen. However, if the titular towering pig goes on a rampage, there is no dumpster big enough or cliffhanger awkwardly abrupt enough to save him this time!

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Okja is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2017 with limited theatrical screenings also planned.