The Venture Bros. Season 8: Everything You Need to Know

It still may be a few years away, but here’s the skinny on everything we know so far about The Venture Bros. season 8.

The Venture Bros.
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The Venture Bros. has quietly been plugging along at Adult Swim for over 15 years and it has usurped Aqua Teen Hunger Force as the network’s longest running program. The show’s latest season garnered arguably the greatest acclaim in its history and finally provided answers for some of The Venture Bros.’ longest running questions. While season seven wrapped in October 2018, after your umpteenth binge of the episodes you’re likely hungry for any details about where Team Venture and the show’s large web of supporting characters are headed next.

First, and most importantly, The Venture Bros. season 8 is definitely happening. And while information on The Venture Bros. season 8 is still scarce, but here’s what we do know

The Venture Bros. Season 8 Episodes

Back at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick confirmed that they had started work on the show’s eighth season concurrently with their work on season seven and that it will consist of ten episodes.

The Venture Bros. Season 8 Release Date

The news that work has already begun on The Venture Bros. season 8 is encouraging due to the lengthy production schedule that the show works under. The Venture Bros. is still hand-animated and the episodes take a great deal of time to complete. Fans have become used to waiting two-and-a-half years between each season, which means that a safe bet for The Venture Bros. season 8 release would probably be 2020 at the earliest, and we’re most likely going to have to wait until 2021. In the past, the show has broken seasons up into halves to alleviate the wait, but this has proven to be unsuccessful since the half-seasons go by so quickly. Accordingly, season eight’s episodes will probably air together and not be broken up.

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The Venture Bros. Season 8 Story

No official details have been given on The Venture Bros. season 8 storylines, but Hammer and Publick have spoken about how much of the upcoming season was planned out during season seven’s production and that they would complement each other in many ways. Season seven was surprisingly efficient with how many lingering plotlines it put to rest. Big questions regarding Jonas Sr. and the relationship between Rusty and the Monarch were exposed and it feels like the series is ready to move into a new stage.

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The Venture Bros. season 8 will surely see Rusty and the Monarch attempt to come to terms with the fact that they are siblings, but there will likely also be big changes for the younger set of Venture brothers. Hank and Dean experienced a major schism this year when Hank learned that his brother was hooking up with his girlfriend. The series has flirted with the idea that perhaps one of the Venture brothers will turn to the dark side and begin to arch his sibling and perhaps season eight will finally embrace that idea now that the spark has been lit.

Outside of the show’s twisted familial relations, the end of season seven also features a number of shake-ups in the hero and villain-based organizations that fill this world. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch heads the new Council of 13, which also means that her arching days are ostensibly over. The Monarch also rises back to the top of the ranks of the Guild and a mole from the Peril Partnership also infiltrates the evil society. It’s safe to say that the new season will deal with the fallout of the new infrastructure of these groups as someone moves to fill in this power vacuum. The Guild of Calamitous Intent is also still in possession of Rusty’s teleportation device, which feels like the kind of thing that may not come back into play until everyone’s forgotten about it, but it’s a super powerful device that’s still very much on the table. And will we ever learn more about the identity and strange circumstances that surround Scare Bear?

There’s also the question that’s obviously on everyone’s minds: have we seen the last of Brick Frog?

Until the season gets further into production none of these predictions can be confirmed, but rest assured that as more details come out we’ll keep you as up to date as possible on all things Venture.

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