The US writers’ strike: how is YOUR favourite show affected?

Are you a fan of Lost, 24, The Office, 30 Rock, Heroes, Family Guy or Supernatural? Then, for the most part, we've not got good news...

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in 24

And so the impact of the American writers’ strike begins to pinch. Now that the pickets have been up for a couple of weeks, we’re beginning to see an impact on some of the shows that we follow here at Den of Geek. Here’s our whistle-stop tour to what’s been affected, and how:

24This was due to start in January with five episodes running over one weekend. And given that 24 relies on being broadcast in one continuous block, week after week, it’s fair to say that you can make arrangements for that particular weekend now. The production is shut down, and it’s believed that only a third of the series thus far is recorded.

Lost16 episodes are due to form the fourth season of the show, and half of these have been completed. Production is currently shut down, and it may be that season four becomes a shorter series of just the either episodes in the can.

Family GuyNothing being made right now, with the show’s production closed down until the strike ends.

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30 RockThe second season is currently airing in the States, and is due to run to 22 episodes. Thus far, ten of these episodes have been made, and while it’s still broadcasting in the US, there’s only a few left to run before inevitably the show will have to take a break.

Doctor WhoLast we heard, Catherine Tate was still in series four. This isn’t related to the writers’ strike, but it still makes us sad.

HeroesIt all ends at the start of December. Considering that it’s been a muted season thus far, that may not be a bad thing, but basically the story arc for the second series will come to an end earlier than planned. But still logically, we’re assured.

The OfficeThis week’s episode is the last one ready, so right now, the show is on a break until the strike is over.

SupernaturalThis one’s still going, and about to show the eighth of eleven episodes so far made for its third season. Also, it’s believed that Supernatural has scripts in hand, so expect production to keep going for the near future at least. Likely to be one of the least affected shows.

There’s no sign, as yet, of an end to the strike, not least since Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed to end it. But here’s hoping things do get sorted soon. Otherwise get ready for reality TV and repeats…

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