The Top 20 Kids TV Theme Tunes: From 10 to 2

McToot blows on his bagpipes, and Michael counts us down from ten to two in our look at the finest kids' TV theme tunes ever...

Round The Twist: have you ever, ever felt like this?

No fancy introduction – we’ve got work to do…

10. The Raggy DollsAs someone on the YouTube comments box so eloquently puts it, ‘I suppose part of its message was to tell children it’s ok to be different/encourage them to accept those who are different.’ No shit, Sherlock.

9. The Silver BrumbyThe animated series, rather than the film. I was a big fan of over-wrought, environmentally aware shows as a child, particularly when they were about animals, particularly when those animals were horses, and particularly when they had similarly over-wrought theme songs.

8. Inspector Gadget‘Go Gadget! Go!’ My sister’s favourite, apparently.

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7. Family NessFor anyone outside of the UK reading this, nostalgia loses some of it’s edge when you’re nostalgic for something you’ve never even experienced (although this still doesn’t stop edgy twelve year olds pillaging everything that I grew up on, like a right set of bastards) – Family Ness was a deliciously twee Saturday morning cartoon about a herd of Loch Ness monsters, each with a puntastic nickname, and the obligatory children who befriended them, Elspeth and Angus McToot. Having lived in Scotland for three years, I can attest that this is an entirely accurate portrait of the way things are run around here.

6. Fraggle RockWhen I was in middle school, there was a ‘high-larious’ rude version of the Fraggle Rock theme tune doing the rounds, which pretty much began and ended with grabbing a Fraggle by his… well, you can imagine. Jim Henson was my childhood, and I stand by the fact that The Muppets have produced some of the greatest pop songs of all time. Red was my favourite, and the first in a long line of rouge-haired idols.

5. Clarissa Explains It AllThis is apparently the only thing in the world not to have made its way onto YouTube. My favourite part was when Clarissa did the karate kicks in her brother’s direction, and assorted punctuation flew out of her vagina.

4. Maid Marian‘Mari-uhn!’ Tops show, too. The songs were brilliant; ‘Pancake Day’ remains a firm favourite. Social commentary at its finest.

3. Round the TwistFabulous song, fabulous show! Stands up to repeat viewings, too, surprisingly enough. My favourite episode is ‘Nails’, a retread of the age old story of a young boy who grows multiple fingernails all over his body and then, erm, turns into a mermaid. Yuh huh.

2. JemJem was my favourite show as a child. Which explains a lot, I can imagine. There was something deeply appealing about being an ordinary attractive blonde girl who could turn into an extraordinary pink-haired popstar at the drop of a hat, though. Ah, memories.

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We’ll be back with the winner later on today…